Dan Michael Dennis

United States Marine Corps
26 November 1945 - 13 May 1967
Houston, Texas
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Silver Star

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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13 May 2004

Tomorrow, May 13, 2004 you will have been gone for 37 years. Such a long time and yet such a short time. When I hear Sara McLaughlin sing "Will You Remember Me, I Will Remember You" I am moved to shout "Yes, Dan, I remember you". The skinny kid from Port Arthur that your friend and mine, Johnny McIntosh, set up with a blind date in October of 1962. We doubled with Johnny and my friend, Pat Chelf, who was visiting from Austin. We really had a good time and later that year you went to Homecoming with me. It didn't matter that you attended "TJ", our arch rival school, or that you were a year behind me in school because of your November birthday. You were funny and serious, all at the same time and I was so smitten! After I graduated I went to UT and you went to Abilene Christian College as it was known then and we drifted apart. Through Becky Gonsoulin and Johnny, both were in pharmacy school at U of H, I heard you had joined the Marines and later that you had found a girl in Oklahoma that you were serious about. Then I heard you died. I cried and cried. I remember you and feel laughter. I remember May 13th and I feel sad. Yes, Dan, I remember you. So does Johnny. He named his son after you. You meant a lot to both of us. Johnny says you were his life's best friend. Your place in my life was much more fleeting ... yet, I loved you as only a 17 year old can love. I wish you peace ... through the ages, and yes, I will continue to remember you.

Love, Donna

May 13, 2006

Dear Dan,

Another May 13th is here and another anniversary of your departure. It’s 39 years now but then who is counting?

On New Year’s 17 months ago, to my surprise I received an email from your brother, Rick, as a result of writing you and posting it on the Virtual Wall. After trying for years to find news of your parents and little brother, to have him write me unexpectedly was amazing. I did not remember his given name as he was about 7 when I last remember seeing him. It’s been really great getting to know him and to see you through his eyes and experience.

I think you would be pleased to know Rick is a fine man and a most loyal brother. I met him for lunch when he was in Austin for business. He looks so much like you or should I say, you both favor your father. After we ate, he brought some of your short stories in case I wanted to read them. I remember you talking about loving to write and spending a lot of time writing. It was really nice to hold your old notebooks and to read in your long hand, the stories you had penned so long ago.

Rick and I stay in touch. Through our conversations, I learned how much your parents wanted to see Johnny again. I let Johnny know and was pleased to learn later that he had driven to Beaumont to visit them. Your leaving us so suddenly, left a hole in all of our hearts – one that doesn’t seem easily repaired.

There aren’t many days that pass where you are not present in our thoughts. So much time has passed and yet so little… wishing you peace and love, as ever.


From a friend,
Donna Waddill

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Mike 3/5 Marines lost three men killed in action on 13 May 1967:

  • Cpl Dan M. Dennis, Houston, TX (Silver Star)
  • LCpl James D. Reynolds, Muncie, IN
  • Pfc Tommy W. Haley, Enid, OK
  • Pfc John W. Love, Dayton, OH

On 26 May 1967,
Dan Michael Dennis,
Corporal of Marines,
was buried in Plot C-0-330,
Houston National Cemetery,
Houston, Texas,
among other men of courage and integrity.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend,
Donna L. Waddill
Austin, Tx

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 13 May 2004
Last updated 05/27/2006