John T. Dixon
Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
Plains, Pennsylvania
October 01, 1930 to June 09, 1966
JOHN T DIXON is on the Wall at Panel 8E, Line 26

John T Dixon
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02 Jan 2002


A memorial initiated by his grandson,
John A. Koytek

15 Jul 2003

To the family and friends of SFC John Dixon:

My name is Peter Mitchell and I was John's platoon leader when he was killed. He was a very brave soldier and died attempting to aid another wounded trooper.

That particular battle (now called "Toumorang") took place in the province of Kontum, about 30 kilometers northwest of a village and airstrip called Dak To. It is in the central highlands region of Vietnam and sits astride a traditional invasion route used for centuries by armies invading what we Americans called South Vietnam.

You might be interested to know that members of his company, "The Cold Steel Cobras", have a reunion every year during the third week of July, in which his fellow comrades in arms hold a memorial ceremony in his honor and others of our company and battalion that fell in battle in Vietnam. He died in my arms and those of Pfc Jim Dolinger who attended to him during those final hours.

May God continue to grant him eternal life and the peace that he so richly deserves.

"Above The Rest" Sgt Dixon.

From his Platoon Leader,
Peter Mitchell

Note: I kept personal notes and maps of the battle in which Sgt Dixon was killed, if any family members would care to contact me. The battle lasted 17 days and all of our battalion line companies suffered heavy casualties.


A Note from The Virtual Wall

In May 1966 the remote CIDG camp at Toumorong, some 18 miles northwest of Dak To, came under siege by North Vietnamese Army forces. A relief effort was staged by elements of the 101st Airborne and 1st Cavalry Divisions, leading to heavy fighting during the first part of June 1966.

Between 03 and 10 Jun 1966 the 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry, and the 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, fought several engagements against the 24th NVA Regiment in the area around the Dak Tan Kan Valley. 1/327 lost seven men on 09 Jun while fighting on the Ngok Run Ridge which formed one border of the valley:

  • A Company:
    • PFC James E. Farrar, Durham, NC
    • PFC Edward T. Frodsham, Seattle, WA
    • PFC Earl W. Goodall, Detroit, MI
    • PFC Robert J. Phillips, Milwaukie, OR

  • C Company:
    • SFC John T. Dixon, Plains, PA
    • SP4 Allan E. Combs, Los Angeles, CA
    • PFC Charles V. Turley, Norfolk, VA
Sergeant First Class Dixon is one of 25 known 1/327th Infantry losses during the period 03 to 10 June 1966 inclusive; 2/501st lost 16 men during the same period.

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