David Patrick Dolan

Lance Corporal
HMM-364, MAG-36, 1ST MAW
United States Marine Corps
20 May 1949 - 26 January 1969
San Pedro, California
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Combat Aircrew

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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22 Jul 2003

At about 3 AM on the morning of 26 Jan 1969 two CH-46s launched from Marble Mountain on an emergency medevac mission. The pick-up aircraft, CH-46D BuNo 153997, was crewed by

There was no moon and visibility was limited by haze. As the flight proceeded to the west at an altitude of 3,000 feet, Meyer's aircraft ran directly into the side of Ba Na Mountain, the only terrain feature in the area that extended above 3,000 feet. While it couldn't be proven, it was postulated that Meyer probably was flying instruments and depending on the Danang TACAN for navigational purposes. Other aircrews had experienced Danang TACAN errors of 40 degrees or so in the vicinity of Ba Na Mountain, and post-crash reconstructions of the flight route indicated that a 40 degree lock-off would place the aircraft exactly at the point of impact on Ba Na.

The chase aircraft, piloted by 1st Lt Don Robbins, attempted to lower crewman LCpl Curtis P. Knox to the crash site to check for survivors, but when the jungle penetrator cable was fully extended Knox was still 50 feet above the ground. Robbins abandoned the attempt, only to find that the hoist retract was inoperable and Knox could not be hoisted aboard. Knox dangled below the CH-46D while Robbins flew six miles to the nearest secure landing zone, where he gently lowered his aircraft until Knox was safely on the ground.

LCpl David P Dolan had been in-country for only 4 days when he died.

These seven men, and the other Purple Foxes who served in Vietnam, are remembered by the women who waited at home, whether mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, or friends. Those women, the

Purple Foxy Ladies
Purple Foxy Ladies

continue to support today's Purple Foxes of HMM-364 as they serve our country.

the Purple Foxes

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A memorial initiated by the
Purple Foxy Ladies

16 Jan 2007


I have special memories from Burbank, California during your training session. Bom Bay Bicycle Club was great but with you it was the best time in my life ... and sitting by a warm fireplace, staying up and talking all night. That's for sharing my artichoke. I'll always remember you in my heart.

Love, Kym E. Keiser, Burbank Ca

Kym E. Keiser
6209 Wichita Falls Street, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89031

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
HMM-364 and the Purple Foxy Ladies,
Frank Gulledge, point man

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 22 Jul 2003
Last updated 05/25/2007