Michael James Drobena

Staff Sergeant
United States Marine Corps
04 December 1945 - 23 February 1969
Temple, TX
Panel 32W Line 096


Purple Heart, USMC Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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02 Nov 2003

Let all who read this know that Michael loved his family, his home town of Temple and the state he lived in, Texas. He worked for his family at Drobena's Drive Inn, a very special place in the hearts of many teenagers of Temple. Back in the early 60's the best hamburgers and onion rings, malts, and cherry cokes came from Michael's hands. He was a quiet, slender young man who always had a smile on his face.

Drobena's Drive Inn was right next to Temple High School and was a Mecca for students after school and before and after a date on Friday and Saturday night. Temple then was a small town and everybody knew everybody and not a lot of things changed. Michael knew who was going out with who and he would always give us guys the high sign when one of our girlfriends would drive up, if we were with another.

I was two years younger than Michael but we went into the services about the same time. He went into the Marine Corps and I went into the Navy. We were in-country at the same time, but we didn't come home the same. I didn't know about his death until I got back to Temple in June of 1969.

Drobena's is gone now, and so is the smiling face of a young man that loved his town and the people in it. I just want whoever reads this to know, that we loved Michael too, and he will forever be in our hearts and not forgotten.

Walter W. Weddell

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The Vietnam Dog Handlers' Association memorial page contains the following entry:

"2/23/1969 MICHAEL JAMES DROBENA Marine Scout Dog TEMPLE TX 32W-96"

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2 Nov 2003

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