Remembering my uncle,


A Marine Corpsman

Livermore Falls, Maine

February 10, 1945 to August 23, 1966

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Andre L Dube is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 10E line 29.


Andre was my uncle, though I never knew him as I was only about 1 month old when he died. I was given my middle name, Andrew, in honor of him. Because of this I feel a connection to him, and likely always will.

I am 32 years old at this time, 11 years older than my uncle was when he died. I can only imagine the horrors of war this 21 year old faced before his untimely death, no one this young should have to face such things. He will always have a place in my heart as well as in the hearts of his brothers and sisters of which he had 13.

May he rest in peace.

Andre's nephew, Marc,

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