John Mitchell Dudley

Private First Class, United States Marine Corps


From Glen Rock, Pennsylvania

21 December 1946 - 29 July 1967

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John Mitchell Dudley is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 24E Line 020.

17 Feb 2007

To my brother John M Dudley

You went away to fight in a foreign land
And I stayed behind not able to understand

How you could just leave and go away
And not think about the people that had to stay

Stay here at home and not have a clue
About the war and what it was doing to you

We tried to talk and open your mind
So you could see our love and not leave us behind

But you had a plan and knew what you had to do
And no one or nothing was going to change you

Now that I am older and a little more wise
I do understand why you had to pick sides

Now I understand why you felt you had to go
To make a better life for people you did not know

You did what you had to do and gave your life
And now your are standing in God's holy light

I hope to join you someday in heaven above
And look on the face that I have always loved

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Rose M Blevins

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