Paul Dufault

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
23 April 1949 - 18 June 1970
Fall River, Massachusetts
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Paul Dufault

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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27 Apr 2002

How sad it is that we didn't get a chance to really know each other. I was only 19 and you barely turned 21. We were both so very young. Now today, I'm 50, you would be 52. I have two grown daughters and 4 grandchildren. Our grandchildren should be playing with each other and they never will. My children will never know you. We have lots of pictures but it's not enough. We all wish you were here. Love you.

A memorial initiated by his sister,
Rochelle Dufault Dowd
4724 32nd St. Apt #10, San Diego, Ca 92116

01 Jul 2003

As time passes...
Oh, how I try to grasp that what in life is meant to be...
My Friend Paul,I remember your friendship and laughter
clear, as if it were only yesterday
Our youth was such fun and yours was so short
It was a time when selected numbers
meant our military services were being sought

Then, we all gave each other such silly nicknames...
Yours Wormy, mine Hitch, our good friend Tab and so many more

Our childhood hangout was "the hill" across from Armand's Variety Store
For hours we played cards, made silly bets and jokes, always trying to score
It was such an innocent time to our lives and we really knew not anything more...

For me, now, more than double your tender age when you went to God
I sit back and think on those memorable days and how we thought then, they were so hard
At first I thought it was because you were not coming back
Now, I know, in one lifetime, best of friends we can lack ... We'll meet again...

From an old childhood friend,
Rick Medeiros

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Rochelle Dufault Dowd
4724 32nd St. Apt #10, San Diego, Ca 92116 
27 Apr 2002

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