Larry Clay Dye

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
07 January 1948 - 28 March 1967
Bowling Green, Kentucky
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National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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05 Nov 2006

Larry and I grew up together, went to high school together, partied and doubled dated together, we were the best of friends. After high school we enlisted in the Marine Corps. We went to Parris Island and were split up about halfway through boot camp.

We got to see each other again on our 20 day leave passes before heading back for ITR and Jungle Training. We had a chance to sit around and talk about what we were going to do after we got out of the Marines, who would marry first, how many kids we would have, who would have the best job, etc. Sad to say, that was the last time I got to see Larry.

Forty years has gone by now and the void is still there. The older I get, it seems like there's not a day that goes by that he don't cross my mind. Larry is truly my hero.

I sure miss you, old buddy. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Semper Fi

From a friend,
Chuck Johnson

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 7th Engineers' Command Chronology for March 1967 contains the following entry:
"280820H at AT948707, M-16 mine detonated during training resulting in 13 Marines killed and one wounded."
The 13 men who died in the accident, which happened about 6 kilometers southwest of Danang, were
  • A Co, 7th Engineers
    • 2ndLt Glenn M. McCarty, Fredonia, NY
    • Cpl Daniel R. Laird, Wheatland, WY
    • Cpl Ronald W. Porter, Newark, NJ
    • Cpl Howard S. Stevens, Baltimore, MD
    • Cpl Verrell D. Stiles, Brevard, NC
    • LCpl Thomas C. Bekiempis, St Bayonne, NJ
    • LCpl Stanley Davidheiser, Pottstown, PA
    • LCpl Larry C. Dye, Bowling Green, KY
    • LCpl Anthony Hawkins, Philadelphia, PA
    • LCpl Eugene J. Payne, Baltimore, MD
    • LCpl Don L. Shockley, Salisbury, MD
    • Pfc Otis R. Ellis, Richmond, VA

  • HQ Co, 7th Engineers
    • Cpl Glenn W. Shafer, Odenville, AL

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend,
Chuck Johnson

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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