Arthur Gene Ecklund

Army of the United States
05 May 1943 - 19 July 1979
Phoenix, Arizona
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Arthur G Ecklund

Army Aviator

Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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11 Jan 1999

When I visited the "Moving Wall" in the City of Buffalo, NY, this past summer, I saw the name of Arthur Ecklund. I used to wear the POW/MIA bracelet with his name it.


To the Family of Major Arthur G. Ecklund:

I just wanted to let you know that I wear the bracelet depicting the name of Major Ecklund. I have worn it for a couple years now. Occasionally I have been asked what the name stood for ... up until now, I could only say, "Oh, it's for a soldier that was involved in the Viet Nam War". I had no information concerning Major Ecklund. However, I have learned addtional information concerning him (Thanks to the "Virtual Wall") and am happy to tell others what the bracelet means when they ask. I tell them it is in honor of a life lost during the Viet Nam War. I tell them what information I do know about Major Ecklund.

I do want you to know, that my husband is also Army, he told me to wear the bracelet with pride and honor and to tell others all the information that I know concerning Major Ecklund. Please know that it is with sorrow and pride that I wear this bracelet. Every time I look at it, it reminds me that it is not just a piece of metal, but a life sacrificed for this country. I realize that it has been about 30 years since his incident, but his name lives on today. Thank you.

Lori Sea, Pekin, IL

22 Sep 2006

I am an Air Force veteran and served 1968 thru 1971. I still wear the POW bracelet of Major Ecklund and have for over 30 years. It reminds me to think of him and other POWS daily. Our government should never give up. We should demand that our valiant soldiers be brought home or a full accounting be given. These men are true heros and should NEVER be forgotten.

Fred Sheron
Olive Branch, MS

01 Oct 2006

I also wore Major Ecklund's POW/MIA Bracelet back in the early to mid 70's.

My Mom was very involved in the POW's and MIA's and the distribution of the bracelets. My parents were both friends of Major Ecklund's parents, they lived in our neighborhood in Phoenix.

Through the years I have never forgotten this man or his parents. I believe he was their only child. I remember going over to the Ecklunds' house as a child of about 9 or 10, and the feeling I had for his dear Mom because her son was Lost. It was sad. My Dad was a fighter pilot in the Air Force; we were lucky, he made it back home.

It is so nice to see that Major Ecklund was and still IS remembered by other respectful Americans!

God Bless

From a family friend,
Laurie Arnberger
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 03 April 1969 two men - an Army pilot and an Air Force observer - departed Phan Rang Air Base at 0700 in O-1G tail number 51-12078 on a visual reconnaissance mission. They checked in by radio at 0730 giving their location (about 8 miles north of Phan Rang) and information concerning a convoy they were going to check out. No further communication was received. Extensive search efforts began at 0950 and continued for three days without success. The two men were classed as Missing in Action and were continued in that status until Presumptive Findings of Death were approved on the dates indicated in parentheses below:
  • MAJ Arthur G. Ecklund, pilot, 183rd Avn Co (07/19/1979)
  • MAJ Perry H. Jefferson, observer, 120th Tac Ftr Sqdn (09/28/1973)
Oddly, the Army carries Major Ecklund as a non-hostile loss, while the Air Force carries Major Jefferson as a hostile loss.

That much is certain. What is uncertain is what happened next. The POW Network and Task Force Omega sites have considerable information on the loss, some of it indicating that one or both men were captured and later died in captivity.

On 14 July 1999 remains believed to be those of Major Ecklund were repatriated and the identity verified through DNA testing. Major Ecklund's remains were buried with military honors in the Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens, Galesburg, Illinois, on 03 Apr 2004.

Once again, though, an oddity: The DoD PM-SEA Office database indicates that Major Jefferson's remains also were repatriated on 14 July 1999 - but gives no date of positive identification.

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Connie B.

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 11 Jan 1999
Last updated 10/14/2006