Arthur Gene Ecklund
Major (See Note below)

  Home of Record: Phoenix, Arizona
  Date of birth:  Wednesday, 05/05/1943

  Service:        Army  (Reserve)
  Grade at loss:  O2
  Rank:           Major (See Note below)
  ID No:          526608037
  MOS:            61193 Field Artillery Unit Commander (Pilot)
  LenSvc:         Not recorded
  Unit:           183RD AVN CO, 223RD AVN BN, 17TH AVN GRP, 1 AVN BDE
  Note:           O2 at loss. Promoted while in MIA status

  Start Tour:     Not recorded
  Incident Date:  Thursday, 04/03/1969
  Change Status:  Thursday, 07/19/1979
                  Missing to Died while Missing
  Age at Loss:    25
  Remains:        Body not recovered
  Repatriated:    Wednesday, 07/14/1999
  Identified:     Monday, 11/19/2001
  Location:       Ninh Thuan, South Vietnam
  Type:           Non-hostile, died while missing
  Reason:         Air loss or crash over land - Fixed Wing - Pilot

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