Clinton Blair Fackrell

Army Of The United States
07 December 1942 - 13 April 1966
Willits, CA
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Clinton B Fackrell

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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Dear Nella,

My name is Ted Jagosz. I was a First Lieutenant in Company B leading the 2nd Platoon at the time of your brother's death. You can not imagine how gratified I am that you have requested more information concerning your loss during the Vietnam War. For years I have wanted to contact somebody from his family, if only to tell them that Sgt Fackrell was one of the finest soldiers I have ever met and a very decent and friendly human being. Although Clinton was not a member of my 2nd platoon in B Company (he was a member of 3rd platoon), I encountered him often at the Cu Chi base camp and even a few times on the battlefield. We had more than a couple of conversations at those time (I don't remember what about). When I saw him operating in the field, I was always struck by his poise and professionalism. He was hard not to notice.

If you look up the tribute I wrote for Lieutenant Frank D'Amico (Clinton's 3rd Platoon Leader), you will find some of the details of that fight and Clinton's actions on that day. In summary, Lt D'Amico was the first man to be hit by a sniper as he exited his vehicle. Clinton, three other men from 3rd Platoon and the Company Medic, Sp/5 Jimmie Scott, were all hit shortly after when they tried to lend assistance to Lt D'Amico or when they tried to maneuver against the enemy fire to neutralize it. As I said in the tribute, there is no greater love and dedication that a man, especially a soldier, can show than that he risk or even lose his life for the sake of his friends. This is the full measure of heroism and Clinton measured up to that standard.

I believe that Clinton was a non-denominational Protestant Christian but I have been thinking that it might be some consolation to his family if they knew that during his last moments on earth he did receive the Last Rites of the Catholic Church minutes after he was hit. I observed Fr (Cpt) Clarence Olszewski, our unit Chaplain administering this Sacrament to all of our fallen that day. It is our belief that this affords the recipient a 1st Class ticket to Paradise. Fr. Olszewski, with whom I still communicate to this day, has often shared with me expressions of the high esteem he had for Sgt Clinton Fackrell. Be assured he is remembered and missed by all of us who held him in such high regard. I hope this has been helpful to the family and be assured that I keep all of my comrades in arms and their families in my prayers.

With best regards, I wish God's blessings on all of you.

Theodore (Ted) Jagosz,
Cpt Inf (USAR)

Sergeant Clinton Blair Fackrell
is remembered by his brothers in the
5th Infantry Regiment

A memorial from his sister,
Nella Britt 
06 Jan 2002

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