Whitney T Ferguson, III

Private First Class
Army of the United States
28 March 1946 - 11 March 1969
Vernon, Connecticut
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Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
W. T. Ferguson

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01 Nov 2001

Whitney Ferguson is remembered in Vernon,
where one can drive on Whitney T. Ferguson III Road
or receive the annual Whitney T. Ferguson III Memorial Award
awarded by Rockville High School.

From one who remembers.

21 Feb 2005

I knew Whitney Ferguson when we both were caddies at Ellington Ridge Country Club in Ellington, CT in the early 1960s. I wrote this poem for him on December 3, 1980 when war once again threatened.

Whitney Ferguson

You are perhaps no more than a remembered image to me;
The sun flickered across your face
Between shadows of green leaves blowing.
You are or have become a whisper of wind;
A quiet rustling across the years.

So many others must remember you, now.
My tears reflect the heartaches of war,
Sorry that we are so helpless
To end the sacrifice.

I remember something pure in your gaze,
But I was just a kid then, and a young man
When I read you were killed there.

Today there was a whispering in the wind,
A quiet, gentle rustling in the dry, fallen leaves.
And as once again the dark days of winter draw near,
I pray we can withstand the blind cold winds that threaten,
And that we will not waste our sons and daughters
In some effort to stay warm...

From a friend,
Barry DeCarli
Ferrisburg, Vt

06 Aug 2006

I was the battalion barber on LZ Grant and cut everyone's hair, including Whitney's. I was also there for the attacks. Whitney and the others who died were all heros.

James Kapucinski

11 March 1969

A Battery, 1/30th FA, was a 155mm howitzer unit established at LZ Grant near the Cambodian border. The long-range 155s could and did wreak havoc on enemy positions well inside Cambodia. A/1/30 FA shared LZ Grant with HQ 2nd Bn, 12th Cav; a 105mm howitzer battery; and an infantry company for security. LZ Grant and especially the 155mm guns were targeted for destruction by the North Vietnamese, who attacked the base 23 February. Unsuccessful in their first attempt, the NVA regrouped and launched a second-effort battalion-sized assault on 08 March. That attack was defeated as well, with both the 155's and the 105's firing into the attackers over open sights, but 14 Americans died in the fighting.

On 11 March, the North Vietnamese Army attacked again, this time with the 95th NVA Regiment, and succeeded in damaging several of the 155s with mortar and RPG fire. The attack again failed, but A Battery had 6 men killed in action and 26 wounded.

The six men killed were

  • SGT Stephen Harder
  • SGT John R. Jackson; Silver Star
  • SP4 Roger E. Denny, Battery medic; Silver Star
  • PFC Whitney T. Ferguson; Bronze Star
  • PFC Michael Gruenwald; Bronze Star
  • PFC Tommy Robinson; Bronze Star
Four of the men died while serving their guns in defense of the base and their comrades. Medic Roger Denny was killed while rendering aid to a wounded soldier. Sergeant Harder was killed by a sachel charge.

A Battery, 1/30th FA, was awarded a Valorous Unit Award for their heroic and tenacious actions during the period 7-11 March 1969.

The photo is courtesy of
Don Shacklette
30th FA Regiment Association

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who remembers.

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 01 Nov 2001
Last updated 08/06/2006