Gary Dennis Fernandez

First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
08 March 1947 - 07 January 1968
Levittown, New York
Panel 33E Line 077


Bronze Star (2 awards), Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Gary D Fernandez

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11 Sep 2001


Gary Dennis Fernandez was born Saturday, March 08, 1947. His home town was Levittown, NY. He began his tour of duty in Vietnam on 12/28/67, and was killed on 1/7/68 by a landmine.

He had achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant, his MOS was 1193 (Field Artillery Unit Commander), and he was 20 years old at the time of his death. The casualty place was Dinh Tuong, South Vietnam.

On the Wall his name appears on Panel 33E, Line 77.

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A memorial from his younger sister,
Evelyn Fernandez-Baron

29 Apr 2006

Dear Gary,

Hi. You are always in my thoughts and prayers ... you are forever housed in my heart ... you live on in my memories. I love you so much!!! I love you infinity times infinity, plus nine ... as Corey would say!

Love, Your Beloved Sister, Evelyn

From his younger sister,
03 Dec 2001

Gary and I were Pershing Rifle fraternity brothers at Hofstra. He was a loyal friend and a genuinely wonderful guy. Gary will be long remembered.

Lawrence M. Broughton
Ridgway, PA

07 Jul 2003

To my dear cousin Gary Dennis Fernandez

I eternally miss you and you will live in my heart always.
I promise you that your name and who you were will not be forgotten.
Thank you for your courage and sacrifice.
You're my hero.

Dennis Fernandez
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

Although the casualty file says that 1LT Fernandez was killed in Dinh Tuong Province, that was well outside the 1st Infantry Division's area of responsibility. On the other hand, it is known that seven men from the 1st Brigade, 1st Inf Div were killed by command detonated mines during a patrol about 7 kilometers south of Ben Cat in Binh Duong Province.

Six of the seven can be positively identified, all associated with the Alpha Company, 1/16 Infantry command group. They were the Company commanding officer; his radiomen; two medics attached from the 1st Med Bn; and a member of his artillery Forward Observer team. The F/O team member was from B Battery, 2/33rd Arty - 1LT Fernandez's unit.

While The Virtual Wall cannot prove it so, it is thought very likely that the casualty file is incorrect with respect to where 1LT Fernandez died, that it wasn't in Dinh Tuong Province but rather in Binh Duong.

The six men known to have been killed in the 1/16 incident are listed below, and so too is 1LT Fernandez, believed to be the seventh man killed by the mines:

  • A Co, 1st Bn, 16th Infantry
    • CPT Andrew J. Tellis, Winnetka, IL, C.O. Alpha 1/16 Inf
    • SP4 Larry L. Cleem, Midway City, CA
    • SP4 William G. Schramm, New York, NY

  • HQ & A Co, 1st Med Bn (medics attached to Alpha 1/16)
    • SP4 Rene Guerra-Hernandez, Los Angeles, CA
    • SP4 James J. Mora, Denver, CO

  • B Btry, 2nd Bn, 33rd Artillery
    • 1LT Gary D. Fernandez, Levittown, NY (Bronze Star "V" w/ OLC)
    • SGT Roger D. Ledbetter, Brownstown, IL

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his younger sister,
Evelyn Fernandez-Baron

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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