John Henry Franklin

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
01 December 1945 - 21 March 1966
Hughson, CA
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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June 25, 1999

Johnny, although I was too young to remember you I do remember your funeral. I remember the Marine honor guard and the casket. I remember your grave underneath a tree. In '94 I went to DC and searched you out. I found you on the Wall. You were not alone, so hopefully you have some peace. I rubbed your name on two slips of paper, one for me to keep and another for Aunt Thelma. I sent them to her along with pictures of your name on the Wall as well as the entire Wall itself. I hope this did not hurt her too much for bringing up the painful past. But I knew that she was too old to come for herself. I wanted her to have some touch of you. We miss you. We love you. We are grateful that you are at home with us. I am sorry I didn't get the opportunity to get to know you. I wanted to put something here so you would not be forgotten in this memorial to all of your comrades.

From a cousin

Sunday, May 28, 2000

My first Love
Gone, But Not Forgotten

John, you were one of the kindest men I had the pleasure of knowing. A gentleman in all respects. A loyal Marine. You took such wonderful care of your Mother. And most of all, you were my first love. You always gave me respect, fidelity and kindness. You have been gone a long time now physically. You have never left my heart though. Every so often, when my heart allows it, I take out your picture and I remember how handsome you were in your uniform and how proud you were to wear it. Yes, I went to the funeral, my first ever. You were gone, but yet you weren't. I tried for so long to make myself believe it wasn't really you in there. I guess I still think that somewhere, someday you will re-appear. However foolish that may seem, many people who felt the loss of someone want to believe that it isn't true. Denial is a great thing sometimes. So where ever you are, I know you are safe from any more pain. You served your country honourably and you were willing to die for your country. I thank you for your couragous actions. I thank you for having loved me. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten and never shall be. You were my first love and that shall always remain so.

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13 Feb 2004

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