Joseph Edward Frasher

Airman Aprentice, United States Navy

Columbus, Ohio

January 15, 1953 to August 14, 1972

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Joseph E Frasher is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 01W line 66.

I didn't know Joe, but because of him, my lifelong friend (Ray) is still with me. Joe was electrocuted on the USS America while trying to correct a malfunction in the arresting gear. All the men were exhausted from the day's duty. They were running sorties that day and Ray was working with an electrician to repair the problem when Joe insisted that Ray exchange responsibilities with him so Ray could rest. When Joe went into the work area to continue the repair work, he contacted a "hot" wire that killed him. There is no doubt that had Ray been the one in there at that moment, he would have died.

As I said before, I didn't know Joe, but I believe that he demonstrated what our brotherhood is all about....taking care of one another.

Ray still grieves about Joe, and he suffers because Joe was doing him a favor and died as a result of his generosity.

Thank you...and Welcome Home.

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