James Henry Furr

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
17 April 1946 - 21 May 1966
Concord, North Carolina
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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29 Apr 2003


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On 15 May 1966 a combined armor/infantry force made up of C Company, 3rd Tanks; A and C Companies, 1/4 Marines; and a platoon of ONTOS (a light tracked 105mm gun platform) were dispatched to provide protection for Vietnamese villagers while they harvested rice and evacuated from the Co Bi Than Tan area. The protecting force had no contact during this operation.

On 19 May the force withdrew. Alpha 1/4 returned to base, but one of the ONTOS tracks sheared a sprocket and delayed return of Charlie 3rd Tanks, Charlie 1/4, and the ONTOS platoon. The 3rd Tanks Command Chronology describes what occurred next:

"19 May - C 1/4 was attached to Company "C". Moved section of 3d Platoon tanks and one platoon of C 1/4 to position YD534265. The remaining tanks of Company "C", the platoon of ONTOS, and C (-) 1/4 set up defensive positions at YD545266.

"20 May - At 0450 VC initiated mortar attacks on both defensive positions located at YD525264 and YD545266. The mortar attack lasted about twenty minutes with no casualties at Company "C" position. The VC followed the mortar attack at platoon position YD525264 with an infantry assault by an estimated VC company supported by 81mm and 60mm mortars, 57mm recoilless rifles and numerous RPG-2 anti-tank assault weapons. Intense fire was delivered on the attacking VC by the section of tanks, infantry platoon, and artillery, which was called on the VC assault position and avenues of escape, resulting in 11 VC KIA (BC), estimated 30 VC KIA (POSS), and an estimated 30 VC WIA (POSS). The tank section sustained 7 penetrations from RPG-2 rockets but continued in action. Friendly casualties for the tank section were 1 KIA, 4 WIA (one later died of wounds). The infantry platoon and attached engineers sustained 3 KIA and 8 WIA."

The 3rd Tanks account understates US casualties. The 3rd Engineers lost two men in the attack, as did Charlie 1/4. When the wounded tanker died the following day, the casualty count rose to six Marines:
  • B Co, 3rd Engineers
    • LCpl Daniel Knarian, Melvindale, MI
    • LCpl Lawrence S. Robbins, Midwest City, OK

  • C Co, 3rd Tank Bn
    • LCpl James H. Furr, Concord, NC (DoW 05/21/1966)
    • Pfc Richard L. Wildman, Cleveland, OH

  • C Co, 1st Bn, 4th Marines
    • Cpl Philip J. Serna, Houston, TX
    • Pfc Michael O. Gatwood, Toledo, OH

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