Jerry Harold Georges

United States Marine Corps
20 April 1946 - 23 March 1967
Santa Barbara, California
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Jerry H Georges

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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23 Mar 2003


who I've been told by others was an excellent individual and a caring person. He touched a lot of peoples' hearts in a caring way in his 21 years on earth. Uncle Jerry, you mean a lot to me and the people you touched in your 21 years on earth. Our family is proud of you and always will be.

Your nephew,
Frank Georges

23 Mar 2006

To my beloved uncle. I never knew you, but in my heart and my mind I feel like I did. I always heard great things about you in school from the teachers who knew you. It makes me so proud to be related to you. I still think about you and wish you were here with us today so that we could see how great a person you were, instead of hearing about it. God bless my favorite uncle.

Your nephew....
Steve Georges

05 Mar 2008

I went to school with Jerry at Santa Barbara Junior High School. He was a great guy. The week I got back from in country I heard about him. They don't come any better.

Fred Mares

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 23 March 1967, during Operation BEACON HILL, the 1st Bn, 4th Marines was engaged in heavy fighting near Gia Binh hamlet about 4 kilometers east-northeast of Con Thien (Hill 158). The weather was atrocious, with heavy fog and low ceilings severely hampering fixed-wing and helo operations. The battalion's situation reports and post-action chronology reflect few men killed out-right but there were a considerable number of wounded - and they could not be medevaced because the combination of fog and heavy enemy fire prevented the helos from coming in. It wasn't for lack of trying on the part of the helo crews; one UH-34 hit a radio tower and crashed, a second landed a-straddle a concrete retaining and rolled on its side, and a third was shot up so badly it was lucky to be able to land rather than simply fall out of the sky. Six Marines from the battalion died that day, four killed outright and two died of wounds - while The Virtual Wall cannot determine if the latter were wounded on 23 March it seems likely. The six men were
  • B Company:
    • Cpl Jerry H. Georges, Santa Barbara, CA (DoW)

  • C Company:
    • SSgt John S. Szymanski, Trenton, NJ (Silver Star)
    • Cpl Charles W. Greene, Sandusky, OH
    • Pfc Ronald E. Bohon, St Joseph, MO

  • D Company:
    • LCpl John J. Bryar, Chicago, IL
    • Pfc Isaiah Samuels, Wagener, SC (DoW)
Fortunately, the dozen or so crewmen on the downed helos escaped serious injury - but they had to stay with the infantry until the weather improved.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his nephew,
Frank Georges

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 23 Mar 2003
Last updated 03/26/2008