Phillip Scott Glass

Army of the United States
11 June 1950 - 14 May 1971
Mount Eden, Kentucky
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Scotty Glass
Photo courtesy of Scotty's family
and A.L. Gilkerson

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18 Oct 2001

I remember my friend Phillip Scott Glass. He was a really GOOD guy. I first got to know him on the flight to Vietnam. I'm not sure if we were seated alphabetically or if it was just by chance, but we were side by side on the long flight over. We were assigned to the same 1st Cavalry infantry company, platoon, and squad (Sgt. Weiss in the 2/7th Cav). We saw each other a lot during those first four months in the bush, but we didn't hang around together. We were "new guys" and we needed to hang with some seasoned guys to learn the ropes ... quickly!

When the First Cav was pulled out of Vietnam, only the "Short Timers" got to go home. The rest of us were reassigned. Phil and I were assigned to the 23rd Infantry Division (Americal), 1st of 46th. We, along with many others, were flown from Ben Hoa to Da Nang and trucks were sent down from our respective units to pick us up. The 1st of 46th sent a truck to pick up some 12 or 15 of us, and deliver us to our new companies. I was assigned Company D, and Phil to one of the other companies. The truck stopped at Company D first and as I grabbed my gear and jumped off, Phil said "I'll see you on the Freedom Bird in seven months. ... Hey! I know, we'll sit together!" Those were his last words to me, and I remember them and I remember his face as he said them.

I made it to the Freedom Bird, but Phil didn't. He was killed May 14, 1971. He would have been 21 about a month later if he had lived.

May God bless him and all American service members, past, present and future.

A. ("Little Al") Lee Gilkerson

23 November 2001

his cousin,
Billie Jo Shelton

08 December 2001

My name is Casey Waford. Phillip Scott Glass was my uncle. He died almost 10 years before my birth, and proudly, they named me after him. My middle name is Scott. Even though "Scott" may not be a typical middle name for a female, I am very proud to carry his name. I am thankful on my family's behalf for this memorial to Scotty. I want to thank everyone who had any part in this. It is a great way to learn about these brave soldiers and to see a glimpse of how many great people we lost in this war. Even though I never personally knew Scotty, I thank everyone who keeps his memory alive. It means a lot to us all. Once again, thank you.

From his niece,
Casey Scott Waford

14 December 2001

Phillip Scott Glass, "Scotty" as I knew him, was a very good friend of mine. I was best friends with his wife Jean. When Scotty and Jean dated, I was with them sometimes. He was always so nice to me, and didn't mind me going with them sometimes out to ballgames or church activities. Jean used to come to my house and spend the weekend or night. He would always come by some time in the evenings. We would turn on the record player and Scotty would dance with me on the living room floor.

I was a bridesmaid in their wedding. I cried during the wedding service because we knew he was leaving for Vietnam in a few days after the wedding. After he left for Vietnam, I wrote him and he wrote me. He always wrote to me saying, "How's my second girl?". He told me to take care of Jean while he was gone. He was also asking about my parents. He had been employed at General Electric and my father worked there too. He would always leave a message for him about General Electric.

Scotty wrote me some very good letters and I still have them to this day. The last letter he sent me was received after his death. I will never forget that day when I had come home from Jean's house, and there on the kitchen table was a letter from him. Later that month I received three letters I had written him, that he never received, with an official letter regretting the fact that he was killed in action.

Scotty was a true friend and he is sadly missed by all of us that knew him. I went to the memorial Wall and found his name there in 1993. It was something to see, and something that would make you very proud. Seeing his name there with all the other soldiers that died for America, made it such an emotional time.

From his friend,
Relda Rucker Kerr

22 Aug 2002

Scottie Glass and I went to school together.

When I found this web site
I was thrilled that they had honored him in this way. He was always such a happy person.

I can remember when we were in school he would stand up and put his feet together and tell us he would never go into the Army because he was flat footed. I guess the Army never knew that.

He was a sweet country boy who always had a smile for everyone.
It broke all our hearts when he had to leave
but it really broke our hearts to never see his big wide smile again.

I was pregnant with my second child when we got the word that Scottie was missing in action.

After his remains returned to our small country town
I did go to the family home to see his body.
I didn't go to his funeral because it was so close to my due date
but on June the 11th my son was born. That also was Scottie's 21st birthday.
We grew up together and even through the torment of losing a good friend
I still celebrate his birthday every June the 11th with my son.

He will never be forgotten.


13 Jan 2004

To the family of Corporal Phillip "Scotty" Glass

When I was in Junior High (1972-74) someone was selling bracelets engraved with names of Vietnam soldiers who were believed to be missing in action. We were told to wear the bracelets every day and pray for the soldiers to be found. I bought one to wear and it had Cpl. Glass' name and the date of 5-14-71. I am sorry to hear that he died since I have prayed for him over the years. Now I will pray for you all.

Susanna B.

19 Mar 2004

My mother-in-law just passed away at age 79 and we discovered that
she has had a silver memorial bracelet with CPL. Phillip Glass,
5-14-71 engraved on it all this time. We would like to send this
bracelet to Phillip’s family members. I am going to email some of
the ones who have posted here. If someone could provide an
address, we will send the bracelet.


Grant Bobbitt, (CW2)
Pilot – 254th Med Det (HA) RVN 1967-1968
Pilot – C Co 159th Aviation BN (ASHB) (Chinooks)
101st Airborne Division, Airmobile RVN 1970

25 Mar 2006

I also got a bracelet with Corporal Glass' name on it, and had assumed he was either an MIA or a POW. I was very sorry to learn of his death on 5/14/71. I have always hoped he had eventually come home so I could send him the bracelet. My deepest sympathy goes to his family.

Barbara Loeb
Walnut Creek, Ca

16 Aug 2007

I was both thrilled and sad that I found this web site. I have had a memorial bracelet for Corporal Phillip Glass since high school. This bracelet has held a special place in my heart for years. Not knowing him personally didn't matter - I prayed for his safe return. I had hoped for years he had come home alive. I was sorry to hear that was not the case. I would love to pass this bracelet on to a family member or friend. Please feel free to contact me at

God Bless America

Carol Van Dusen

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his friend,
A. Lee ( Little Al ) Gilkerson

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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Memorial first published on 18 Oct 2001
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