William Jeffery Gulley

Seaman Apprentice
United States Navy
01 January 1950 - 11 June 1970
Riverton, Utah
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National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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25 May 2005

I hope someone knows my brother Jeff. Do you have some photos from Vietnam on the boat or in Saigon? He also served on the USS IWO JIMA.

He died in June of 1970 on the boat in Saigon. We miss you, Jeff.

Little bro, the "moose" Troy.

11 Jun 2005

Today is June 11th. It has been 35 years that my big brother Jeff has been gone. I was only 6 when he died - I'm now 41 and I only see him in the photos we have. I hope some day we will see each other with Wally.

Wally is our middle brother - he died after serving in the Gulf War. He was in a JAG unit out of Salt Lake City, and helped all the servicemen and women to get their orders up to date. I miss my brothers a lot. Wally passed away 10/08/1991after serving 17 years in the Army.

God bless you guys,
Love Moose, your little brother.

From his little brother,
Riverton, Utah

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Seaman Apprentice Jeff Gulley was assigned to APL-27. An "APL" is a non-self-propelled barracks barge. APL-27 specifically fulfilled a number of roles since her construction during World War II. In the 1950's, for example, she housed the Army's 3rd Surgical Hospital at Eniwetok Atoll. The barge has a crew of about 25 men, but can berth and feed several hundred more. In Vietnam, the APLs were used as barracks ships in support of the Army/Navy Riverine forces.

APL-27, shown below in a 1967 photo, was moved from place to place in the Delta region, but remained under command of the Naval Support Activity Saigon. At the time of SA Gulley's death she was moored in the Saigon River.

APL-27, 1967

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his brother,
Troy Gulley
Riverton, Utah 84095
5 Jun 2005

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