John Thomas Gutekunst
Army of the United States
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 24, 1949 to March 21, 1970
JOHN T GUTEKUNST is on the Wall at Panel W12, Line 30

John T Gutekunst
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11 Mar 2005

John, after all of these years, I connected with a mutual friend and comrade in arms, Bill Nelson. We discussed some of those times we shared together in The Nam ... the brotherhood, the horror, and the fun times as well. We fondly remembered you in those times, and that terrible night you were taken from us. You will not be forgotten, my brother, and we raise our hand to salute you and the supreme sacrifice you made because your country called. God Bless You!

"An der it is breeze"!

Dick McBain
1458 Sumter Dr. SW, Marietta, GA 30064

1 Apr 2005


We will always remember you, and your service and sacrifice for this great Country. We spent a lot of time together in the "Boonies" and became good friends. I and all who served with you will never forget you. I think about you often.

God bless you, John.

From a squad-mate,
Bill Nelson
2/502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne
"Strike Force!"
Nam '69-'70

10 Oct 2007

Our days on earth are short.
Like wildflowers, we bloom then die.
The wind blows hard and the rain comes down.
Yet who will remember us when we are gone?
Because of what you taught me, I survived.
I live on and will remember you always, John.
Thank you for being there....

From a platoon-mate in Vietnam,
Edward Matyjasik


A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry, lost three men on 21 March 1970 - one to enemy action, and two to accidents:
  • SGT Stephen A. Golsh, La Crescenta, CA, Co. A, Killed in Action
  • SGT John T. Gutekunst, Philadelphia, PA, Co. A, accidental
  • SGT Louis J. Barbaria, New York, NY, Co. C, accidental
The following article is taken from The Philadelphia Daily News, special supplement entitled 'SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY,' October 26, 1987.

John T. Gutekunst, Lawndale Avenue, Lawndale

Gutekunst, a 1966 Northeast High School graduate, worked for 2ï¿ 1/2 years at a drapery store before he was drafted into the Army in February 1969. The sergeant, a grenadier, volunteered for duty in Vietnam, where he was assigned to Company A of the 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. Gutekunst wrote home that he was proud of his service with the 101st, but felt the war effort itself was worthless. He died in Vietnam on March 21, 1970, a month before his 21st birthday. Survivors included his parents and four sisters.

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