Walter Joseph Gutowski

Army of the United States
05 June 1945 - 05 August 1969
Naperville, Illinois
Panel 20W Line 097

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Gutowski, left; LTC Gluck, right
Walter Gutowski being sworn in to the Army by
LTC Donald Gluck, Loyola University Army ROTC.

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05 Jun 1999

Wally and I attended Loyola University of Chicago together. We also served in Viet Nam at the same time. We were best friends, more like brothers.

My last assignment in the Army was to escort his body home for burial at Arlington National Cemetery. Wally's parents are gone now and he is survived by a brother and sister. I have lost touch with his wife, Alexis, many years ago.

I would like to hear from Alexis or any of Wally's friends.
Please e-mail me at,
Wayne Jorgensen

13 April 2002
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13 April 2002

Dear Family and Friends of Walter Gutowski,

Walter must have been a good friend and fought bravely for his country. He was a strong person and kept going.

Over this weekend my 8th grade class and I took a trip to Washington D.C. While we were there we visited the Vietnam memorial and it was very sad to see it. When we went and saw the Wall I got to see his name and learn about him from here.

You must be very proud of him and very happy to know he fought and died for his country!

From a student

In August 2002, M. Sabacinski wrote to The Virtual Wall as follows:

"Attached is a copy of a letter that Wally wrote to my parents shortly after he arrived in Viet Nam. I would like to post it on his page. I think the letter is poignant and would honor his memory."

19 Jan 69


I am located in Minh Duc District, Vinh Long Province, in the heart of the Mekong Delta. I am approximately 70 km south of Saigon.

As you might already know, I will be working as a civilian. My job primarily is concerned with building up village governments. I will be working in a pacification program concerned with health, education, social welfare, etc.

Vietnam is a beautiful country and its people are very nice. I couldnít believe Saigon, itís a fascinating city. The delta is just out of this world, banana trees, coconut trees, all kinds of fruit, and rice paddies. Everything is green and fertile.

I sure would appreciate a letter since I havenít received any mail yet. My address is

1LT Walter J Gutowski
Advisory Team 68
APO SF 96357
I miss everyone very much and am looking forward to next Christmas. Have fun and say hello to everyone.


Courtesy of M. Sabacinski, 05 August 2002
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Wayne Jorgensen
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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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