Thomas R Hamman

United States Air Force
09 August 1945 - 15 June 1972
Hollywood, Florida
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USAF Pilot

DFC, Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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03 Nov 1998

An Air Force Captain who did not believe in the War
but served ANYWAY!!!

Gary May
29 Mar 2001

Thank you from someone that you will never know, a person that is very grateful for your service in the war that you didn't want to fight.

Thank for being loyal to your country. You did a good deed for your country, and for that I thank you.

From a thankful person
M. Scheer

11 August 2002

Tom, you were my beloved and the father of our children, Kirstin and Chad. They are bright and beautiful souls, just like you. And just like you, they are courageous and brave. Thank you for them; for still showing up in my dreams when I need comfort or guidance; when only you will do; for the strength to carry on; for all of what we shared together; in life and in death. For the laughter, and the tears; the lessons and the love. You live on in them, in your grandchildren Jacob and Joy and forever in the hearts of all who loved you.




11 Aug 2002

I'm sorry I never got to know you.
We have missed you terribly in our lives,
your grandchildren will miss you too,
we love you very much and wish you were here.

Love, Kirstin

From his daughter,
Kirstin Hamman Giroux

14 Dec 2002

Tom will always be remembered by the "Stingers" with whom he served as an all-around great guy and a fine pilot.

I sent Kirstin a letter a couple of years ago, and I hope she shared it with her mother and brother. I heard recently from Don Williams, who roomed with Tom at Danang and would like to get in touch with his family. He's at .

May God's blessings be with all of you this holiday season.

Ralph Hitchens
ex-Captain, 18th SOS, 1971-72

02 Sep 2005

I was engaged to Tom in college. Even then, he was courageous, loving and brave. Family meant so much to him and they in turn always relied on him. He was the hero of the family. Even Tinka and Wendy, the family dogs, adored him.

I will never forget his strength and values. I have not seen the likes of him again. I treasure my time with him, and pray for him daily.

I last spoke to Tom before he went to Vietnam. I was so glad to hear he was married and had a daughter. We talked about our daughters and life. I will never forget the conversation.

I know he was a hero to the end, he was always mine.
May he rest in peace, I only pray I get to see him again.
Good night, sweet prince - Susan Moore

From his ex-fiancee and friend,
Susan Moore

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his wife,
Susan Denham
03 Nov 1998

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