John Currie Hansen
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Cascade Locks, Oregon
April 18, 1946 to July 15, 1969
JOHN C HANSEN is on the Wall at Panel W21, Line 125

John C Hansen
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07 Aug 1999

I would like to hear from anyone who might have known or flown with John. He was a pilot with 1 CAV is all I know. We were "growing up " buddies, from the same small town.

When John and I were in high school we both played trumpets in the band. Being from a small town the community actually honored Memorial Day with a parade through town that ended at the cemetery where a ceremony took place. At the close of the ceremony John and I would wander to opposite sides of the cemetery ... just after the honor guard fired the appropriate gun salute he and I would play echo Taps ... well, when I clicked on the "Taps" on the WALL PANEL page and heard that ... that really brought back memories. From that time on I've been on this search for information about John ... although I've always thought about him.

Phil Dobbs


A Note from The Virtual Wall

1Lt John Hansen was the copilot on a "dawn patrol" recon flight in OH-6A tail number 67-16639. As the helicopter approached its recon area, the crew spotted an NVA/VC patrol and opened fire. As the patrol scattered, one of the NVA/VC dropped a backpack. Hoping to gain useful intelligence from the backpack's contents, the aircraft commander landed next to it. As the crew chief leaned out to pick up the backpack, one of the enemy troops popped up from a patch of tall grass and opened fire with an AK-47. 1Lt Hansen was struck and killed by a bullet wound in the head.

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