Reuben Beaumont Harris

ATCS, United States Navy

From Columbus, Ohio

April 12, 1938 to November 18, 1977

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Reuben B Harris is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 06E line 106.

My family and I just returned from DC and I received an MIA/POW bracelet dedicated to ATCS Reuben B. Harris from Columbus, Ohio. 

He was shot down on his 28th birthday 4/12/66 over water in China. While the remains of one crew member were returned, the remaining four including Harris, have not been accounted for. There has been a presumptive finding of death in his case (in 1977). 

He served bravely in the Navy and I'd like to see his name placed on your Virtual Wall. 
Thank you for the work you do and for allowing me to post this. 

Dennette L. Waters, 

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