Larry Keith Hendee
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Round Lake, Illinois
November 18, 1944 to October 31, 1968
LARRY K HENDEE is on the Wall at Panel W40, Line 65

Larry K Hendee
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17 Sep 2001


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A Note from The Virtual Wall

At about 0740, 31 Oct 1968, a 54th Signal Battalion UH-1H (tail number 66-16524) departed Nha Trang Air Base on an administrative flight to the battalion's outlying sites. Eleven men were aboard, four aircrew and seven passengers. A brief stop was made at Dong Ba Thin where one passenger deplaned. At 0835 the aircraft departed Nha Trang West, and at 0840 made a "Mayday" call to the Nha Trang Air Base tower reporting that the Huey was going down about 5 miles north of Nha Trang. The aircraft then crashed and burned.

The accident board concluded the Huey lost all or a portion of a tail rotor blade, which led to failure of the tail rotor gearbox and loss of control. All ten men still aboard the aircraft died in the crash:

  • Aircrew (A Co, 54th Sig Bn):
    • CWO Steven I. Cavin, Norfolk, VA, pilot
    • WO Paul R. Driscoll, Monument Beach, MA, copilot
    • SP4 Donald H. Bartlett, Stonington, ME, crew chief
    • SP4 Joseph M. Bowman, York, PA, gunner

  • Passengers:
    • 1LT Philip J. Battaglia, Orlando, FL, A Co, 54th Sig Bn
    • 1LT Donald F. Fletcher, Kingsport, TN, HHC, 459th Sig Bn
    • 1LT Larry K. Hendee, Round Lake, IL, B Co, 54th Sig Bn
    • 1LT Alfred R. Mahoney, Pasadena, CA, A Co, 54th Sig Bn
    • SFC Faris E. Holland, Bellbrook, OH, HHC, 459th Sig Bn
    • SP4 Patrick B. Epps, Jamaica, NY, A Co, 54th Sig Bn

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