Frederick Daniel Herrera

Sergeant First Class, Army of the United States


From Albuquerque, New Mexico

07 August 1949 - 24 July 1978

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Frederick Daniel Herrera is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 28W Line 036.

2 Feb 2005

Freddie was a very good friend and I think of him often. I have visited the wall twice and sadly it is as close as I can feel to him. We took a cross country bus trip together after high school graduation in 1968 and we had a great time visiting New York, New Hampshire, and many other places. Planning the trip together and being with Freddie that summer will always be some of my best memories. We tried to join the Army on the buddy system upon our return to Albuquerque in August, 1968. I was rejected due to a childhood illness that had no effect on me at the time and that really bugged me. Freddie left for basic training in California shortly thereafter.

Freddie was a great guy. He was funny, friendly, a great friend, and a very good athlete in all sports. We communicated while he went through basic and advanced training and he wrote about his deployment. I especially remember Freddie being happy to be on a base football team. I never heard from Freddie again. He was declared missing-in-action in early 1969.

I visited with Freddie's Mom and younger brother Joe in Albuquerque recently and have communicated with them, as well as with Freddie's younger sister Pat, in recent years. They all went through a great deal, as did Freddie's Dad, who passed away several years ago. Freddie will always be remembered and I try to honor him by telling others about him, his service, and his brief life. I miss you, Freddie, and I'll never forget you. My email address is sugarharley at earthlink dot net. Please contact me if you knew Freddie. Thank you.

From a friend,
Michael C. Crowley

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Five men were missing in action after B Company, 1/8th Infantry, was engaged near the Cambodian border: Additional information is available on Richard Roberts' memorial.

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a friend,
Michael C. Crowley

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