Raymond Hodorowski
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Lorain, Ohio
August 29, 1945 to March 06, 1967
RAYMOND HODOROWSKI is on the Wall at Panel 16E, Line 28

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Raymond Hodorowski
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15 Oct 2002

"Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if
they have ever made a difference in the world ...
but the Marines don't have that problem."
-- Ronald Reagan --

From a friend,
Theodore W. Hiles

23 Jul 2005

Why? I stopped to see you on my way to Nam to tell you to stay at home with Judy. Why? I think about you a lot, friend, and miss talking with you. Why? Rest in Peace, my friend.

From a friend.
E-mail address is not available.

01 Oct 2005

His sister and mother are looking for anyone who served with Raymond Hodorowski. Please contact me at david462@centurytel.net. Thank You.

From his brother-in-law,
David W. Moore
East Erie Avenue, Lorain, Ohio 44052


A Note from The Virtual Wall

India Company, 3/4 Marines, lost nine men on 06 March 1967 while conducting a company sweep near the village of Tan Lich in Quang Tri Province:
  • Cpl Samuel R. Drown, Prichard, WV
  • LCpl David C. Fryc, Garland, NE
  • LCpl Raymond Hodorowski, Lorain, OH
  • LCpl Glenn A. Sheppard, White Plains, NY
  • LCpl Richard Wessel, Indianapolis, IN
  • Pfc Ruby E. Felton, Los Angeles, CA
  • Pfc Lamont D. Hill, Massillon, OH (Navy Cross)
  • Pfc Lynwood A. Tipton, Panama City, FL
  • Pfc Wayne D. Wagner, Porterville, CA
As the Marines approached the village they came under heavy automatic weapons fire from a well entrenched enemy force. Pfc Lamont Hill, although severely wounded in the initial exchange of fire, refused to abandon his machine gun, instead using it to provide covering fire so his fellow Marines could move their wounded to protected positions. Refusing medical attention, Pfc Hill then provided a base of fire which enabled two squads of Marines to assault the enemy positions. The assault resulted in twenty dead enemy soldiers - but after the enemy retreated Pfc Hill was found dead, still in position behind his machine gun. Pfc Hill received a posthumous Navy Cross for his actions.

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