Douglas Warren Hogge

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
25 August 1946 - 05 June 1966
Yorktown, Virginia
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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30 Sep 2005

Rest In Peace, Hogge. You were one crazy Marine all right. Always full of pep, always laughing, always on the go and always ready to cover for us. I was just recalling the times we had in Okinawa, the Philippines and of course Vietnam. It's been more than 39 years ago and all of a sudden you are next to me. We were not in the same squad, but we always managed to visit and stay close. We understood each other real well and were like brothers. You used to call me ESE (eh say loco), I called you Hillbilly. I was the only one allowed to call you that. The way we were, I don't know if you are up in Heaven or somewhere else. I do hope that you went to the Big Sky above and are keeping an eye on those of us that are still patrolling our perimeter back in the World. Hillbilly, you are not forgotten (Lima 3/1). Guess what, Hogge, believe it or not, I went back a second tour. Semper Fi, my brother.

Arturo Garza

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The following extract is from the 3/1 Marines Command Chronology for June 1966:
"05 June 1966 - At 051115H, Company L patrol detonated a mine while searching temple vicinity AT987687. The mine, embedded in cement on the temple porch was estimated to be at least ten pounds of unknown explosive and created a crater three feet in diameter in the cement. The initial explosion also detonated one M-26 fragmentation grenade, one CS grenade, and on WP grenade in the grenade pouch of the Marines closest to the explosion. Three Marines at a distance of ten, twenty, and thirty yards respectfully [sic] from the explosion were wounded, and the Marine closest to the point of explosion was killed."

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a brother in arms - we served together,
Arturo Garza
30 Sep 2005

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