Linwood McCoy Holmes

Sergeant, Army of the United States


From Ernul, North Carolina

26 March 1940 - 19 September 1966

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Linwood McCoy Holmes is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 10E Line 119.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Daddy's Only Baby!

My father will always be a "HERO" to me! He went to war to protect this country, knowing that it may cost him his life. Even though he never had the opportunity to hold me, he has always been with me in spirit. In September of 1966, when my father was killed in Vietnam, I was still in my mother's womb. In January of 1967, the daughter of Linwood McCoy Holmes was born, Kimberly Michelle Peterson (I took my mother's last name, because my mother and father were engaged, not married). Never being able to see, hear nor touch my father really left a "piece out of my puzzle". Every little girl desires to have her father hold her in his arms. Even though my father was not physically here with me, his love showed through my mother and his siblings. To my father's siblings, I was always known as "Linwood's Little Girl". I truly regret growing up without my father, but I never regret having Linwood McCoy Holmes as my father. Had my father lived, he would have been sixty four years old this year (March 26th). My father - a man with dignity and pride, lost his life, trying to save this country. HE IS MY HERO!

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his daughter,
Kimberly Robertson 

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           27 Apr 2004
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