Barry Devere Horton

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
01 December 1947 - 03 March 1969
Airway Heights, Washington
Panel 30W Line 024

Silver Star

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart (3 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, RVN Military Merit, RVN Gallantry Cross, RVN  Campaign

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25 May 2005

The name of Barry D. Horton, US Army, A Co 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, is etched on Row 24 of Panel 30W of The Wall. Barry died in the Plei Trap Valley near Landing Zone Swinger on March 3, 1969. He was 21 years old. We all lose a little from war. Barry lost his life, Larry and Joyce lost their son, Linda lost her brother, and Anne lost her husband and his daughter Sue lost her father whom she had never seen. Sue was born in March on Barry's father's birthday. Barry was truly a very special human being to all the people he touched in his life. He was a wonderful, loving and intelligent person who was very deeply committed to his family and friends. He took seriously his obligation to his profession, to his country, to God, and to his family.

Barry graduated from Cheney High School in June of 1966 and married Anne Stahlborn, his high school sweetheart. He was drafted in early 1968 and went to Vietnam on July 19, 1968. Barry became a machine gunner in A Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division. On March 3, 1969 Barry's understrength rifle company was approaching their night position on a hill near Firebase Pause in the Central Highlands when they came under intense fire by North Vietnamese Army forces in the Plei Trap Valley, Kontum Province, Republic of Vietnam. As his unit became engaged and surrounded by the numerically superior enemy force, casualties mounted. With complete disregard for his own personal safety, Barry moved forward and laid down a vicious line of fire on the enemy with his machinegun which allowed his fellow soldiers to move to safety. Although wounded, he continued to fire keeping the enemy down while the wounded received attention. He continued to strike at the enemy until he was mortally wounded by enemy fire.

For his actions that day, Barry D. Horton was posthumously awarded his third Purple Heart Medal, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry With Bronze Palm, the Vietnam Military Merit Medal and the Silver Star Medal and because of his selfless acts of heroism many others lived.

When I first went to The Wall in Washington, DC I kneeled and cried for you, there was nothing else that I could do. You paid the price for the freedoms and liberties we enjoy. "All gave some but some gave all".... For this I honor you, my old friend. Like me, family and friends who knew Barry, do miss him.... but we will never forget him.

Les Logsdon
Command Sergeant Major
173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep), US Army (Retired)

That his memory should never die, Barry Horton, a 1966 Cheney High, Washington, graduate, Captain of the Wrestling team at 191 pounds, confidant, mentor, leader, an Achilles in appearance, kind, gentle, powerful, good son, good brother, good husband, and would surely have been a good father to his unseen daughter Susan, and grandfather to any heirs. Barry Horton laid his life down in defense of his comrades in arms in the Republic of Vietnam 3-3-1969, so that they might live. Deserving of "The Medal of Honor" we that know Barry Horton, state "He was my friend".

Bill Purvis
Cheney High School
US Navy

Dear Linda Bird (Horton), I'd like to add a little. I was in the Mekong Delta when I got a letter from home, I can't remember if it was from Mom or Heather Patmore, notifying me of Barry's death. There was a lot of fighting at the time and a lot of casualties but it was always a soldier or sailor that I didn't know, that made it easier. Barry's death rattled me to the bone; I went up on the gun mount and cried like a baby. I think our classmates who were over there carry a special place for your brother in our hearts. I have used Barry as a role model to misguided youths I've run across over the years, the best tribute I can think of, Linda. Barry's grave is just down the hill from my parents, they couldn't be in better company.

Larry Babb
Cheney High School
US Navy

25 May 2005

Area Soldier Is Missing in Vietnam - Spec. 4 Barry D. Horton, 21, son of Airway Heights Mayor Larry Horton and Mrs. Horton, was reported missing in action 3 Mar (1969). He went to Vietnam July 1968. Wounded in action in late 1968 he came home in November. He returned to the war zone two weeks later. Then on 29 Jan (1969) he was wounded a second time but returned to action with the Army's 4th Division. Thursday, his parents were notified by Army officials that the young soldier was missing following a battle with the Cong. He was born in Tacoma and moved to Airway Heights in 1961 with his parents. Young Horton was graduated from Cheney High School in 1966. The serviceman was married recently. His wife Anne lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stahlborn in Cheney. A sister, Linda, is at home with the parents.

Spokesman Review, Spokane WA, 11 Mar 1969

Courtesy of
Darilee Bednar

Faces from the Wall

06 Jun 2005

I was a year behind you in school, Barry, in the same class as your sister Linda - but I remember what a kind and sincere young man you were. You're from a "salt of the earth" family, such good people whose grief will never end. My heart breaks for their loss. Many of us lost our loved ones, friends and family and I will never forget any of you. When I read the tribute today that Les wrote, I sat here and bawled at my desk - those days are so fresh in my mind, the days when we were notified of a "loss" - my heartfelt wishes to your family. You're in my prayers and thoughts.

Sandy (Humphrey) Milliken
Spokane, Washington

20 Dec 2005

Our family moved to Airway Heights in 1964. I remember when they erected a flagpole with a memorial plaque to Barry's memory outside the city building. I remember being annoyed, thinking it was a sacrilege that someone would be mowing their lawn while everyone else was remembering Barry. A year later I was in Vietnam. I touch his name, and those of other friends, on the Wall whenever I'm in Washington DC. I only go at night, so no one can see me crying.

From a neighbor,
Bob DeViney
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

In February 1969 the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, was directed to block and destroy NVA transportation routes in the Plei Trap Valley. The operation began on 1 March 1969 with a combat assault by A Company, 3/12 Infantry, into Landing Zone Swinger. After securing LZ Swinger for artillery emplacement A/1/12 and other 1st Brigade rifle companies spread out into the valley looking for NVA troops.

Late in the afternoon of 03 March, A Company, 3/8 Infantry, found them when they were engaged by enemy troops. The initial contact was heavy and the Artillery Forward Observer's RTO (PFC Santos) was killed in the first few minutes, reducing the effectiveness of artillery support. The contact rapidly degenerated into a violent up-close infantry fight. By the time the NVA were forced from their defensive positions Alpha 3/8th Infantry had lost twenty-one men:

  • CPT Dennis R. Isom, Drexel Hill, PA (Company Commander)
  • 1LT Robert E. Griffith, Big Spring, TX (Bronze Star "V")
  • SGT George R. Robinson, New York, NY
  • SP4 Melvin L. Applebury, Eugene, OR
  • SP4 Philip L. Baker, Correctionville, IA (Medic from HHC/3/8)
  • SP4 Fred D. Burton, Chase City, VA
  • SP4 Dennis J. Coll, Springfield, NJ (Silver Star)
  • SP4 Charlie Fields, Winter Garden, FL
  • SP4 Rodger D. Force, Millport, NY
  • SP4 Rupert W. Goebel, Gastonia, NC (Medic from HHC/3/8)
  • SP4 Barry D. Horton, Airway Heights, WA (Silver Star)
  • SP4 Willie J. Hudson, Lovingston, VA
  • SP4 Vernon E. Lail, Conover, NC
  • SP4 William J. Schaaf, Baltimore, MD
  • SP4 Joseph Schmich, St Louis, MO
  • PFC Paul J. Buczolich, River Rouge, MI
  • PFC Michael England, Athens, GA
  • PFC William T. Rector, Front Royal, VA
  • PFC Layne M. Santos, Los Angeles, CA (Arty FO RTO from C Btry, 6/29th Arty)
  • PFC David A. Seiber, Waynesboro, TN (Silver Star)
  • PFC Willard A. Wimmer, Baltimore, MD

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a friend,
Les Logsdon
5 Jun 2005

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