Richard David Hulse

Captain, Army of the United States


From Flagstaff, Arizona

05 May 1945 - 23 March 1970

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Richard David Hulse is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 12W Line 035.

22 Feb 2008

I first met Richard in December of 1967. We were both brand new Officer Candidates at Fort Sill and ended up being cube (room without complete walls and no door) mates for the next six months. When our wives came to Fort Sill, they decided to room together to save money.

We both went to Flight School and were in the same class 69-8. We both ended up being assigned to the 101st but he was assigned to the ARA Battery and I ended up getting assigned to the Divison Artillery Aviation unit. He flew Cobras and I flew Lochs and we worked together many times.

On March 20, 1970, I was shot down along a ridge line southwest of Camp Eagle. Three days later, Richard and the pilot he was giving a lesson to were shot down not 2 kilometers from where I was short down.

Call it luck, call it fate, call it anything you want. We were very close in life and but for 2", we would be connected in death.

It is said that as long as one person is alive who remembers you, you are not gone. I go to The Wall twice a year to pay my respects to you and my other fallen commrades, and you all have faces I remember.

Richard, may you rest in peace and may God Bless Your Soul.

Bob Reigel
A/377 Arty
Gunner 84

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Bob Reigel

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