Leonard Ashby Hultquist

Staff Sergeant
United States Marine Corps
01 October 1935 - 05 March 1966
Ogallala, Nebraska
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Purple Heart, Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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16 Aug 2005

Ssgt. Hultquist was "True Marine" from the word go. He was very firm, knew his stuff, and was very well respected by all the Marines who served under him. He understood our mission better than anyone. When we left Okinawa for the Phillipines, he told us we would be winding up in a battle zone. Sure enough, in late January 1966 we made a hostile beach landing in Vietnam. From the start of our tour, he showed his professionalism. As we were climbing down the nets of the USS PAUL REVERE in rough waters, a Marine went into the water. Everyone thought that he had been crushed between the landing craft and the ship. Ssgt Hultquist stopped all of us from panic, especially those of us that were climbing down the net. He remained calm and continued dishing out orders to everyone. Ssgt. Hultquist participated in Operations Double Eagle I and II. 38 days after the landing on Operation Utah, we had our first encounter with a major NVA force. Ssgt. Hultquist met his fate. He was one of the first to get hit that day. He died on the field of battle like a True Marine. I am proud to have served under him and shared the field of battle with him. I do hope that he is Resting In Peace and keeping an eye on all Marines from up there, especially those in harm's way today. 3rd Battalion 1st Marines lost a lot of good men that day.

From a fellow Marine,
Arturo Garza

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 05 March 1966 the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, engaged elements of the 21st NVA Regiment in an 8 hour battle near Chau Ngai. Quoting from the 3/1 Command Chronology for March 1966, the NVA troops
"occupied classic defensive positions, were well-armed and equipped, and defended occupied positions in strength."
Enemy resistance slackened with nightfall and when the Marines began again after daybreak they found the NVA had withdrawn. The position turned out to be an extensive tunnel and underground bunker complex for the NVA 21st Regiment. The operation cost the Marines 42 dead; the NVA left 102 bodies on the field and appeared to have carried as many more with them as they retreated.

Staff Sergeant Hultquist's Lima 3/1 had nine of the Americans killed in the action:

  • SSgt Leonard A. Hultquist, Ogallala, NE
  • Sgt David Shields, Rutherford, NJ
  • Cpl Jimmy P. Sanchez, Los Angeles, CA (Silver Star)
  • LCpl James J. Bradley, New York, NY
  • LCpl Philip Fitch, Cincinnati, OH
  • Pfc Thomas W. Edwards, Binghamton, NY
  • Pfc Rickey D. Garner, Dallas, TX (Silver Star)
  • Pfc Jose E. Laguer, New York, NY
  • Pfc Jerry E. Parks, Grand Rapids, MI

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow Marine,
Arturo Garza
16 Aug 2005

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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