Thomas Winford Jackson

Senior Master Sergeant
United States Air Force
19 April 1935 - 22 June 1972
Alexander City, Alabama
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Air Force Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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20 Jan 2005

SMSgt Jackson was pronounced dead on arrival at the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon, Republic of Viet Nam. His cause of death is listed as aspiration secondary to a heart attack.

He was survived by his wife Mrs. Renetta K. Jackson, his son Gulma A. Jackson and his mother Mrs. Pearl E. Jackson.

Renetta Jackson has kept this poem for many years and she wanted to share it:

From an Air Force Wife
By Brenda Crowe
An ARC Light Wife

No woman on earth can more gratefully say,
"I'm so proud of the man in my life"
Than one - such as I - who has lived her life
As what's known as an 'Air Force Wife'.

You learn about tears down through the years
Tears of joy and sorrow and strife.
All these you'll find are very much
A part of the Air Force life.

You quickly learn just what it means
To be all alone and blue;
For often you'll find your man is needed
So far away from you.

While he's away you shed those tears
Tears of loneliness and pain.
But they are all washed away by tears of joy
When at last he comes home again.

Though our men must go far away
As so often they must do
We brush the tears from our eye
And thank God on high for our men
In the Air Force blue.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 310th Tactical Airlift Squadron had a lengthy history in Vietnam, during which it lost 11 C-123 aircraft:
  • Arrived 08 Jul 1963 at Tan Son Nhut AB as the 310th Troop Carrier Squadron flying C-123 aircraft
  • Redesignated 08 Mar 1965 as the 310th Air Commando Squadron
  • Moved to Nha Trang 29 Jun 1965
  • Moved back to Tan Son Nhut 08 Mar 1966
  • Moved to Phan Rang 14 Jul 1967
  • Redesignated 01 Aug 1968 as the 310th Air Commando Squadron
  • Redesignated 01 Jan 1970 as the 310th Tactical Airlift Squadron
  • Moved back to Tan Son Nhut 15 Jan 1972
  • Inactivated 15 Nov 1972 after nine years in Vietnam
Senior Master Sergeant Jackson was a Reservist with extensive active duty time, but The Virtual Wall has no information regarding the location and nature of his service. He was too young to have served during the Korean War but may well have been involved in any of the "Cold War" actions during the 50s and 60s and may well have served one or more earlier tours in Vietnam. The Virtual Wall can display only those awards we know he received ... we regret that we cannot honor him properly.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a researcher,
Mark Sullivan 
20 Jan 2005

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