Robert Lee James

Lance Corporal
CAP 2-4-3, CAC 2-4, 2ND CAG, 3RD MAF
United States Marine Corps
14 December 1950 - 02 September 1970
Clinton, Missouri
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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18 Mar 2002

My dad doesn't talk about it much, but I think he would like to.
I know they played baseball and they played in the school band.
He was only nineteen.
They looked like twins when they were little.
My grandma is really sad when she looks at his picture on the wall.
He wrote to my family when he was over there.
He said not to cry for him too long if he got it some night.
But we are still crying even today.
I was born seven years after Bobby was killed.
I only wish that I could have known him,
and remembered him like my family does.

A memorial from his niece.

15 Jun 2006

I look at Uncle Bobby's Marine photo every time I visit my Grandma. Even though he was killed two years before I was born, I still feel a closeness to him.

From what I have been told, Bobby was a local favorite with the children in Vietnam because he played soccer with them.

He was also an artist and would draw for them, something that my sister, Brooke, has inherited.

His love for children in Vietnam is carried over in my brother Bobby's actions today.

His willingness to fight for what is right is something I strive for.

From a niece,
Tina Antwiler

21 Feb 2007

My name is Robert E. James. I was named after my late uncle. It's hard to express how I feel about how my uncle died. I have met some people he knew and read some of his letters, and it pains me that I never got to meet him. I hope to carry on the family name and enjoy the life he fought to protect.

From his nephew,
Robert James

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 2nd Combined Action Group chronology for September 1970 contains the following entry:
"2 September 70 - A USMC member of a CAP 2-4-3 patrol detonated a 105mm HE booby trap with an M-26 grenade attached affixed to the 105mm round and rigged with a trip wire firing device located beside a trail at BT168588, 1 kilometer north of Hieu Nhou District Headquarters. The USMC was KIA from the exploding SFD. Results: 1 USMC KIA."

Robert Lee James
was buried on 18 September 1970
in the Clinton Township Cemetery,
Henry County, Missouri.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his niece. 

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