Dan Laverne Jenkins

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
05 August 1948 - 29 January 1969
Goldsboro, North Carolina
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Purple Heart (2 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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08 Jul 2003

A kind heart and soul for all those that knew him.
A great friend, brother, son.
Sadly missed for so long,
but childhood and highschool memories still hold strong.
Drag racing, street racing and double dates.
All those nights we stayed out so late.
You found a second family with all of us.
You joined right in among all the fuss.
My sisters teased you but we were all so tight,
You stood your ground with them and made everything right.
You became more than a buddy or a friend.
We called you brother and brought you in.
You wrecked your car and then Dad's truck
and decided you needed to change your luck.
You and I planned to go in service together,
but I had to wait for school and my parental letter.
You joined ahead by six months of me and catching up with you is where I wanted to be.
Mom called and gave me the news, I had no choice but to share my views.
At last you finally made it home but not the way life should have gone.
Soon after you were laid to your final rest, I pledged to God to do my very best.
My orders were clear, I had to go, life within me said I had something to show.
I completed my tour and rotated home, but realized my friend my brother, as our lives are in the past.
These memories of you and our lives will always last.

Bill Graham

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 29 Jan 1969 the 3rd Bn, 26th Marines was operating with elements of the Americal Division on the Batangan Peninsula. Five men were killed when a booby trap was tripped:
  • LCpl David F. Cleereman, Green Bay, WI
  • LCpl Larry R. Harris, Englewood, TN
  • LCpl Dan L. Jenkins, Goldsboro, NC
  • LCpl Samuel D. Reeves, Austin, TX (H&S with Lima 3/26)
  • Pfc Michael W. Bailey, Star City, AR
Oddly, the 3/26 Command Chronology says the men were from Kilo 3/26, but other records say they were with Lima Company.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his best friend,
Bill Graham
8 Jul 2003

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