David Lee Johnson

Private First Class
Army of the United States
23 December 1946 - 06 January 1969
Flemingsburg, KY
Panel 35W Line 043

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star (2 awards), Purple Heart, Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, RVN Military Merit, RVN Campaign
David L Johnson

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23 Jan 2004

I was not fortunate enough to know David personally. I only came to "know" David through his widow, my friend Connie. I began to make a scrapbook of her life with David and through that I realized that David Lee Johnson was a great man. He was caring, kind and most of all he loved Connie.

He paid the ultimate sacrifice that I might know and enjoy the freedom that I hold so dear today. I have made a promise that every day that I live I will remember that someone so dear to my friend paid the supreme price for my freedom.

Thank you David and all veterans. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

The Wall

So many names glisten in the sun,
So many hearts still … like black stone;
So many mysteries hide the missing ones,
So many tears … red roses weep alone.

So many feel the spirit of The Wall,
As if some magic blessing lingers there;
Remembering our heroes … one and all,
The wall … so many names … so many prayers.

A pilgrimage to where true courage lies,
Where thousands stop to touch a name and pray;
Above the reverence … someone’s wife cries,
A husband got a new red rose today.

I reach to touch your name to say, “It’s me.”
I feel a tiny brush of Angel wings,
As if to say, “My spirit is now free!”
The Wall … the names … and remembering.
~ Marsha Burks Megehee ~

A memorial initiated by a friend,
Sherry Jolly

02 Feb 2004

My name is Crystal Watson and I am the niece of this wonderful man! Sadly, I never got the opportunity to meet him because I wasn't born until after he was killed.

My Aunt Connie has blessed my life with wonderful stories and beautiful memories of him, so much that I feel as if I did know him.

I am so thankful and proud to say that he was my uncle and my HERO!

Crystal Watson
E-mail address is not available.

09 Feb 2004

I am the wife of PFC David L. Johnson. Today his memories are just the same as they were the day he left. David was a hero, not only to me, but to his family and also our community. My love for him will never fade. These thirty five years have come and gone and sometimes I just feel he is coming home to me. Love makes memories eternal. He did what he felt he should do and I feel very proud to have loved someone like this. I am sure that while he was out on the battlefield, he gave it his all. He was one who would do his best at whatever he was doing and I am sure on that day, this is just what he was doing and he gave his all. He will forever remain in my heart and the love we shared will be a special memory. Sometimes I start to feel sorry for myself and then I think of all those who never had the honor of knowing and loving him and then I start to feel sorry for them. Those that we love are never really gone if we remember them. David, you are one very special guy. I love you, my husband, my HERO.

In my little house
The most prized possession is
The Flag that's never flown.
It's never hung proudly
On the Fourth of July
To watch a marching band go by.
It sits on the corner of a shelf
Standing there proudly
All by itself,
Folded so neatly for all to see.
I can never express how much
That Flag means to me.
You see it's only been unfolded once
Then folded back up with care
After it honored the casket
Of the man whose name
I proudly wear.

From his wife,
Connie Johnson

20 Feb 2004

To a great soldier whose life was too short: We remember.

From his cousin's husband,
Howard M. Briggs
1433 Balsam Dr, Riverside, Oh 45432

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Ten men were killed in action when A Company 2/39 was heavily engaged on 06 Jan 1969:
  • 1LT James F. Malloy, North St Paul, MN
  • SFC Ralph L. Vogeli, Cambria, WI
  • SGT Marvin C. Pederson, Monroe, WI
  • SP4 Arturo P. Gonzales, Cotulla, TX
  • SP4 Terry L. Thompson, Beaverton, OR
  • PFC Joe J. Brackens, Castor, LA
  • PFC Robert R. Chacon, San Bernardino, CA
  • PFC William A. Hernandez, Houston, TX
  • PFC David L. Johnson, Flemingsburg, KY
  • PFC Jose L. Lopez, Passaic, NJ

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his wife,
Connie Johnson
26 Jan 2004

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