Roosevelt Johnson, Jr

United States Marine Corps
18 June 1947 - 25 February 1969
Washington, District of Columbia
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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04 Dec 2005

I think of you often, you were a good Marine to be around. I know you went out there to try to save Samuel Eklofe, I think others did too. I miss you both.

Semper Fi
Jim Smith

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The following entry is taken from the 3/7 Marines' Command Chronology for February 1969:
"At the same time that Co L and Co M were in contact with NVA forces, Co I and Co K were engaging a substantial NVA unit in vicinity of La Chau (2). This action commenced at 1945 on 23 February 1965 when a squad ambush from Co I, 3/7 became heavily engaged with a large enemy force in vicinity AT945625. This squad regrouped with the remainder of the platoon and through the use of supporting arms held their position through the night.

"On 24 February 1969, Co I, 3/7 Comand Group joined the platoon in contact and pushed toward the enemy position. Once again they became heavily engaged at close range. A reaction force from Co K, 3/7 was launched to reinforce Co I. Extensive artillery and air strikes were called on the enemy's position.

"On 25 February Co K, 3/7 conducted a sweep of the area of contact receiving no resistance. The sweep resulted in 15 NVA KIA, 01 NVA POW, 4 individual weapons, 01 light machine gun, and 45 Chi Com grenades."

Ten Marines and two Navy Corpsmen were killed in the action at La Chou (2):

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow combatant,
James W Smith
04 Dec 2005

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