Roger Kenneth Jones

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
01 November 1948 - 16 May 1968
Hampton, Virginia
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Roger K Jones

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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10 Jan 2003

Roger in every sense of the word was a hero. He loved his Country, his family, and life. He married Stephanie Gamache and they had a daughter, Candice. He is survived by his parents Kenneth and Clitee Jones and 3 brothers - David, Billy, and Doug. Candice married Michael Garcia and they have two beautiful boys named Zachery and Nicholas. I had the honor and privilege of marrying Stephanie and being accepted by this family.

Kerry "Doc" Pardue

November 11, 2006

Thinking of Roger and his family on this special day. God bless you all.

T J Mundy

16 May 2007

May 16, 2007 ... Roger was killed 39 years ago today. I'm thinking of him and all his family on this sad day. You are not forgotten! Semper Fi, buddy.

T J Mundy, Alpha One Seven

From a friend,
T. J. Mundy
1707 Cross Bay Blvd, Broad Channel, N Y

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Operation ALLEN BROOK was aimed at clearing the southeastern portion of Go Noi Island, formed by the confluence of the Ky Lam, Ba Ren, and Chiem Son Rivers, of NVA and VC infrastructure. After sweeping the area for a week, on 15 May 1968 the Marines made a very obvious pull-out by helo and motor march across the Liberty Bridge ... but the pull-out was a deceptive measure.

On the night of 15/16 May three rifle companies under command of LtCol R. G. Bernard (CO 3rd Bn, 7th Marines) made a night march back across the Liberty Bridge and at daybreak began a move to contact against the village of Phu Dong (2) about 9 kilometers north-east of An Hoa.

According to the "After Action" report

"16 May 1968: - At 0930 Company A engaged an entrenched enemy at (AT 966540). Supporting arms and small arms fire were delivered on the enemy resulting in 30 enemy KIA. Friendly casualties were 11 KIA and 10 WIA."

At Phu Dong, the three companies of Marines assaulted dug-in North Vietnamese Army regulars from the newly-arrived 36th Regiment, 308th NVA Division. By day's end the NVA had been forced from Phu Dong, leaving more than 130 dead behind. In addition to 38 wounded, the Marines lost 25 men killed in action:

  • I Co, 3rd Bn, 27th Marines
    • Pfc Vincent S. Coles, Newark, NJ
    • Pfc Jack Henderson, Chicago, IL

  • A Co, 1st Bn, 7th Marines
    • 2ndLt Paul F. Cobb, Roanoke, VA (Navy Cross)
    • Cpl Douglas E. Foster, Bellbrook, OH
    • Cpl Jerry G. Hollingsworth, Columbia, SC
    • LCpl James D. Gross, Pittsburg, CA
    • LCpl William L. Pate, Robertsdale, AL
    • Pfc Roger K. Jones, Hampton, VA
    • Pfc Richard K. Morrison, Silver Spring, MD
    • Pfc Terry M. Ward, Bicknell, IN
    • Pvt James L. Hill, Ponchatoula, LA
    • HN Leroy W. Poppema, Hospers, IA (Corpsman, H&S with Alpha 1/7)

  • G Co, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines
    • HM3 Robert M. Casey, Guttenberg, NJ (Corpsman, H&S with Golf 2/7) (Navy Cross)
    • LCpl Marvin A. Bullock, Elm City, NC
    • Cpl Charles R. Hendrix, Louisville, KY
    • LCpl Michael E. Johnson, Hickam Afb, HI
    • LCpl John D. Ponder, High Ridge, MO
    • Pfc Robert G. Freeman, Fayetteville, NC
    • Pfc Ernest C. McCrimmon, Raleigh, NC
    • Pfc Ormond M. Miller, Gadsden, AL
    • Pfc Michael J. Morris, Albuquerque, NM
    • Pfc Samuel F. Rolen, Idabel, OK
    • Pfc Bruce E. Teague, Canoga Park, CA
    • Pvt Robert E. Church, Lakehurst, NJ
    • Pvt William E. Koehler, Newport News, VA
The fight for Phu Dong was simply the opening engagement in a three-week long brawl. It appeared likely that major NVA and VC elements could be trapped on Go Noi Island and reinforcements were hustled in to do it. Before ALLEN BROOK ended five battalions of Marines were involved, fighting against three battalions of NVA regulars and one or two VC battalions. By 06 June, when ALLEN BROOK was terminated, the casualty count stood at 148 US dead and 718 NVA/VC bodies found.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who remembers,
Kerry "Doc" Pardue

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