Johnny Juergen Junkins
United States Marine Corps
Marietta, Georgia
July 13, 1947 to March 08, 1968
JOHNNY J JUNKINS is on the Wall at Panel 43E, Line 56

Combat Action Ribbon
Johnny J Junkins
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20 Feb 1999

My Johnny was a wonderful young man, full of life, ambition and plans.

We were married for 1 1/2 years before his death in Vietnam (Quang Tri River) on 3/8/68.

Many, many years have passed, but I still see his smile, still hear his laugh and still miss him terribly.

His memory is still an incredible influence on my life.

A memorial initiated by his wife,

29 Dec 2003

Johnny was my cousin, and was named after me. He was five years my junior, and was the only child of my Uncle William and Aunt Hilda. He was widely viewed as "my clone" except better looking. He was full of energy, a bit cocky, and loved dearly by his family and most who knew him. I was studing at UCLA while he was training at Pendleton. We spent many weekends with him and his young bride Theresa during the two years just prior to him being sent to Viet Nam.

His death was a thunderbolt to the heart. It did not seem possible and I still feel the guilt that he seemed to have died in my place. Johnny, you fought and died for your country. Your memory lives on - even now - 35 years and counting. Rest In Peace.

With love from your cousin
John L. Junkins

26 Nov 2006

I did not know him, but I was in the Corps in DaNang in the earlier days, during Operation Shufly. My name is the same - Johnny Frank Junkins. I just want to pay tribute.

Johnny Frank Junkins


A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 1st Amphibious Tractor Battalion lost three men when an LVTP-5 tractor struck a mine in the Cua Viet River, Quang Tri Province:
  • CPL Johnny J. Junkins, Marietta, GA;
  • CPL Michael D. Rolfe, Rising Sun, MD; and
  • PFC Terry A. Williams, Bandon, OR.

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