William Paul Justice
United States Air Force
Niagara Falls, New York
February 15, 1935 to March 28, 1969
WILLIAM P JUSTICE is on the Wall at Panel W28, Line 71

William P Justice
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13 June 2005

To Billy Justiana,

I have searched for your name for years (even at the Wall in DC) but I didn't know you had changed it! The traveling Wall came to Richland, Washington, and a very nice lady had a great computer program that helped us to find you.

I remember when I was 10 or 12 you took me for a ride in your red convertible from Niagara Falls into Canada. I thought you were absolutely the most thrilling person I had known. You still are!

Much love from your cousin,
Susan Overton Brown
(daughter of Palmina Justiana Overton)

17 Aug 2005

What a surprise to find this special memorial.
It means a lot to know he is not forgotten.

Bill was my father by adoption.

From his daughter,
Vikki Hansen
Niagara Falls, NY

Bill and wife Patricia (and dog Gyp), circa 1958.

18 Aug 2005

by a friend and ex-roommate.

Bob Reeser


A Note from The Virtual Wall

On the evening of 28 March 1969 an F-4D (tail number 66-8685 ) from the 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Danang was shot down while attacking a supply and storage site about 6 miles south of Ban Naxa in the Plaine des Jarres, northern Laos. Both crewmen were killed in the crash. Although the area was infested with North Vietnamese troops, both bodies were recovered from the crash site. The men were Capt Robert D. Davenport of Jefferson City, Missouri, and Capt William P. Justice of Niagara Falls, NY.

Unlike earlier Air Force F-4s, the F-4D wasn't designed to be flown from the rear seat - it was intended to be operated by a pilot in the front seat and a weapons system operator in the aft cockpit. Captain Davenport flew the aircraft, while Captain Justice ran the weapons system.

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