Sigfrid R Karlstrom

First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
09 August 1943 - 26 May 1967
Seattle, Washington
Panel 20E Line 118

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Commissioning, Univ of Washington
June 1965

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31 Oct 2003

Sig, just to let you know someone remembers on your 60th birthday.
Rest in peace, my brother, rest in eternal peace with all the others.

04 Dec 2003

We are slowly finding members of the company.
Hopefully they will be adding to your memorial.
You are not forgotten, my friend and brother.


It's a shame that so many are remembered by so few. We are still looking for members of the company - so far have only found Schmidt, Jones, and Doc Kelly. Rest in peace, rest in eternal peace.

10 Nov 2005

Sig, after 39 years we are making progress in finding members of the company. Even spoke to Ted Llana, age 84. They are planning a reunion of the company. Rest in peace - you are remembered.

Your pal,

26 May 2006

Sig, just to remember you again on the anniversary of your death. I remember talking to you on that day almost 40 years ago. They held a memorial service for you, Dick and Sovizal. I wish more members would leave you a message.


11 Nov 2007

Forty years and it seems like yesterday.
Rest in peace, my brother.
You are remembered today, Veteran's Day 1967

1LT Elmer M Pence
41st Civil Affairs Company,
201 3rd Street Beach Haven N. J. 08008

12 Feb 2004

Lt. Karlstrom died as a result of wounds received when Team 9 was ambushed while entering a Montanyard village in the Central Highlands. He had been ordered to return to this village even though they had been in the same village the previous day and it was team policy not to re-enter villages in a pattern. As the team commander I was returning from the 41st Company HQ and while I did speak with Lt. Karlstrom on the telephone the night before the ambush and directed him to not go back my instructions were countermanded by an officer in the Brigade S-5. Lt. Karlstrom was a fine officer and his death was a significant loss to Team 9. May God have mercy on us all.

From a former Commander and friend,
Richard (Pete) Jones
Major, US Army (Ret)
11227 Tracton La. Austin, Tx. 78739

26 Feb 2004

Spent four hours with Captain Jones in January 2004 remembering all our brothers in the 41st Civil Affairs Company, and especially Sig, a classmate of mine at the Civil Affairs School in the summer of 1966 and fellow Civil Affairs Company brother in the Highlands in 1967. Sig, you are remembered!!

From a fellow soldier,
LTC (Ret) John Schmidt III

28 May 2006

Fifteen of our brothers from the 41st CA Co just completed a reunion where we thought about all our brothers with whom we served. We held a memorial in honor of you, William Dick, and James Sovizal who made the ultimate sacrifice. God give all of you peace.

From a fellow soldier,
LTC John Schmidt III (Ret)

25 May 2007

Thinking of you on this Memorial Day

From someone who remembers your sacrifice,
LTC (ret) John Schmidt III

03 Dec 2005

Senior Class photo,
Chief Sealth High School, Seattle WA, Class of 1961,
courtesy of
Darilee Bednar

Faces from the Wall

Memorial Day, May 2006

Dear Sigfrid,

I have been thinking good but sad thoughts about you lately. Not only have cousin Christine and I been collaborating on an article she is writing for a University of Washington alumni publication, but cousin Julie called this afternoon from Renton where brother Jan also lives now (but you probably already know that) to tell me of a front-page article in the May 29, 2006 "Seattle Times" about you and how you died. There were pictures, even, of you, of Jan and of Captain Laddie Logan and your girlfriend Wendy Kalenda pinning bars on you for your commissioning at the U of Washinton, 1965. But you probably know that too.

It is 39 years later now and somehow author Alex Fryer ( found Jan and interviewed him. Your story was told with much clarity, compassion and even a hint of righteous indignation. I emailed the article on to family and friends (yes, I am on the internet now) and we are all thinking of you with love and still shake our heads in dismay over the loss of a life so close to us. That war deprived us and the world of your great talents and potential.

Peace, Love,
Your sister, Ingrid

PS: Yes I have been living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for 36 years now, as close to nature as we were living on Puget Sound. I think back often of our family growing up on that wonderful beach in West Seattle and how, as our big brother, you bullied a bit the 3 of us siblings to keep us in line. I also remember how once, walking home from school, you sent scurrying a couple of bullies who were harassing me. I was in the first grade, you were in the fourth and you told them to go pick on someone their own size. But you already know that.

From his sister,
Ingrid L. Karlstrom

14 Dec 2006

Sig (a fellow Swede) and I were friends from before High School - he graduating from Sealth and I from West Seattle. Being students in Army ROTC at the University of Washington, we were commissioned in 1965 with Captain Laddie B. Logan putting the bars on both of us. (Laddie Logan retired from the Army as a Colonel, earned a PhD, and taught Marketing and Management at Arkanas State University in Jonesboro until his retirement.) Sig went on to active duty, while I went on to Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia in preparation for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Since all the slots for Army chaplains were full and projected to be so for some time, I resigned my commission in 1971.

I was on an internship for ministry in Bellevue, Washington when I learned of Sig's death and was asked to be a pall bearer at his funeral. Wearing the uniform of the U.S. Army at Sig's funeral was the greatest honor I had while associated with the military.

During my years in the ministry, I had numerous opportunities to speak at veterans' functions and Memorial Day events. I have always made a point of dedicating my remarks to the memory of Sigfrid Karlstrom.

From a friend and comrade,
John W. Quist
367 Rutherford Avenue, Delawareo, Ohio 43015

27 Feb 2007


I only met you a few times in Nha Trang, but you were a great guy and we shared some fun at the beach. I was in Pleiku when your team was hit. We all were sent to places and at times when judgement said don't go. I was lucky, and am sad that you and so many other fine officers rest with those that will never grow old.


From a friend,
Andrew Lattu
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Notes from The Virtual Wall

As noted above 1LT Karlstrom was wounded when his team entered a village on 14 April 1967. First treated at the Army's 18th Surgical Hospital in South Vietnam, he was transferred to the Air Force hospital at Clark Air Base, The Philippines, where he died on 26 May 1967.

The photo above was provided by his brother, Jan Karlstrom, to The Seattle Times for inclusion in a 29 May 2006 article and is taken from that source. It shows University of Washington ROTC Instructor Captain Laddie Logan and Miss Wendy Kalenda pinning Second Lieutenant bars on the newly commissioned 2LT Sigfrid Karlstrom after commissioning ceremonies at the University of Washington in 1965.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Ingrid L. Karlstrom

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
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