Everett Dennis Keaton
Army of the United States
Waverly, Ohio
January 16, 1941 to January 20, 1970
EVERETT D KEATON is on the Wall at Panel W14, Line 49

Everett D Keaton
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02 Mar 2001

It has been so long, 31 years, yet it is so fresh in my memory, the day my mom got the word that you were dead. I watched her fold and unfold clothes. I asked her "Why are doing that?" She said she needed to stay busy. I didn't understand it all.

We waited for what seemed like forever for your body to come home. They didn't want us to see you but Mom told them to open the casket or she would. We had to know if it was really you inside that box. I can remember not wanting to see but knowing I had to. We watched as friends and family came to pay their respects to you. I sat in the back of the church for 2 days. Back then you sat up with the dead. Now you close the casket and go home at 10 pm. Hardly seems right.

We made it through the days that followed and we have managed to get through the years as well. I can't say it has been easy. We miss you as much today as then. We have all grown up and have kids of our own. You would be proud.

I have spoken to a few of the men who served with you and it was good to hear them speak of you. Wish you were here to share in our lives but fate had other plans. We will never let your memory die.

Love ya, Pops.

Debby Cleghorn

Everette D Keaton
CPT Everett Dennis Keaton

Everette D Keaton
CPT Everett Dennis Keaton

Everett D Keaton
Everett D. Keaton,
Captain, United States Army,
was buried on 04 Feb 1970 in
Site 2229, Section 30,
Arlington National Cemetery,
among other men of courage and integrity.

Sons and Daughters in Touch


19 Feb 2005

Captain Everett Dennis Keaton was my brother-in-law. My sister Betty was so lucky to have been married to him. Dennis will always be my hero. I was just thirteen when we got the news of his death, but I will never ever forget him.

Love ya!

From his sister-in-law,
Patricia Johnson Fontenot
113 South Seventh Street, Oakdale, La 71463

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