Paul Patrick Keefe

Army of the United States
21 March 1949 - 26 September 1970
West Roxbury, MA
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31 May 2003

Paul Keefe was a gregarious, personable guy who suffered the terribly unfortunate fate of being hit by lightning and killed. I know this, as I was the last person with him that awful day.

I was with him just before the unfortunate incident and have thought of him often down through the years.

Strangely enough, I wrote his family a letter expressing my condolences, and many years later met his good buddy John Mackin through a conversation between two Boston Police officers who were teamed up as partners, one of whom knew me, and one who knew Mr. Mackin.

The letter I wrote to Paul's family was given to John by Paul's mother, who spent considerable time tracking me down.

We have become acquaintances and the reason I relate this story is because this afternoon, after 33 years, I finally went to the cemetery in West Roxbury, MA, with John Mackin and together we planted some flowers at Paul's grave.

An incredible set of circumstances helped me complete the circle concerning Paul Keefe and really has given me a sense of closure.

When I speak at schools about the Vietnam War, I always mention his and the names of two of my other pals killed in 'Nam, Jim Olinger and Paul Coe.

I am OK with my time in Vietnam, and I realize how lucky I was to not have been a casualty.

Never forget our Veterans, people of America !!

From a fellow Screaming Eagle,
Frank Delfino

06 Dec 2003


by a friend,
Jim Reardon

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow Screaming Eagle,
Frank Delfino 
31 May 2003

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