Felix Deloach King, Jr
Second Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Florence, Alabama
January 11, 1942 to November 06, 1965
FELIX D KING Jr is on the Wall at Panel 3E, Line 24


03 Sep 2006

Felix DeLoach King, Jr. was my "big" brother. He was married with 2 small children (Jeff, 2 and Buzz, 6 months) when he was killed on Nov. 6, 1965. He is the reason that I believe that everyone should have a big brother. He didn't mind having his little sister tag along with him. He was one of those unforgettable characters! He showed character in his approach to life.

His two boys have grown into fine men also. Felix would be so proud of them and his grandchildren. He loved those two little boys and somehow the two boys knew that.

I (and his boys) would love to hear from any who knew him. You can contact me by e-mail.

Thank you!

From his sister,
Nancy King Holmes


A Note from The Virtual Wall

Americans have come to know something about the fighting at Landing Zone X-Ray (Ia Drang Valley, 15 Nov 1965) since the book and movie We Were Soldiers Once - and Young came out. The earlier engagements between the newly arrived 1st Cavalry Division and the firmly emplaced North Vietnamese Army remain almost unknown.

One such engagement took place on the west bank of the Ia Meur River on 06 Nov 1965, when two companies of the 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, took on the NVA. Twenty-six Americans were killed in the action, which formed a prelude to the engagements at LZ X-Ray and LZ Albany. The men were

  • B Company:
    • 2LT Felix D. King, Florence, AL
    • SSG Ralph N. Smith, Morganton, NC
    • SGT William A. Sullivan, Fayetteville, NC
    • SP4 Clyde R. Herman, Roanoke, VA
    • SP4 Earl G. Phillips, War, WV
    • CPL Rudolph Rodriguez, Lindsay, CA
    • PFC James J. Crafton, Philadelphia, PA

  • C Company:
  • HQ Company:
    • PFC James L. Allen, Beaumont, TX (medic)
    • PFC Richard A. Noelke, Fontana, CA (medic)
They are remembered on the
Landing Zone X-Ray site

and The Virtual Wall's
Ia Drang Memorial

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