Harold Junior Koller
Army of the United States
Chester, Pennsylvania
September 25, 1944 to September 02, 1966
HAROLD J KOLLER is on the Wall at Panel 10E, Line 62

Harold J Koller
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27 Jan 2002


Butch was his nickname. He also served in the Dominican Republic in 1965. He loved the Army. He was awarded the Bronze Star with "V" device Medal and the Good Conduct Medal.

Mike Donovan

23 Feb 2006


From his cousin,
Wayne Koller

09 Sep 2006

You were known as Koller to my husband. He still remembers and you will be in his heart until his last breath. He wears your name and rank on a KIA bracelet. September 2nd is Carl's birthday but he does not celebrate it because he says, "That's the day Koller died". We both shed tears this week wishing it had not happened and wondered where you would be today if you had lived.

Carl said it was a quiet and very hot day. There was no fighting at that moment when one shot rang out. You were just a step ahead of him. His heart has been broken since that day, Koller. He said you taught him everything he needed to know to survive.

God rest your soul. In just a few weeks, you secured a friend for a life time that you were not allowed to live.

We will always remember...

Carl and Vickie Smith

10 Jan 2007

I just wanted to say to "Butch" (Harold James Koller) ... this is Harold James Pearce. I got named after you on Feb 7, 1966, and I love you very much. I have your picture beside my graduate picture from the USMC and have for many years! I'm very proud of you and being named after you! Every time I watch "Band of Brothers" I think of you! I really, really wish that I could have lived my life with you in it and know that a lot of other people say the same thing! Gramma, Uncle Bob, Bobbie, Wayne, Mom and Dad, and the whole family speak of you often ... you never have and never will be forgotten. You live in my heart every single day ... you're the best, Butch. Semper fi...

Harold James Pearce

12 Jan 2007

Butch, I still remember the day you left my home to go back into the service, and your last words to me, "Name this one in memory of me". And I said to you, "You act like you're never returning!" And then you went outside, climbed into your car, and pulled up in front of my kitchen window, and just looked, not with that little smile of yours but very serious and then you drove away. Feb 7, 1966, came and I gave birth to a baby boy, and as you wished, I named him Harold James Pearce. You would be proud today. He is tall and very handsome just like you, We call hime Pete for a nickname. He has many of your pictures and other items, and he is very proud to be named after you. We all still love and miss you and you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. You were more like a brother to me than a cousin. So glad to hear you had a special friend named Carl, and to know that you were with him that day, it helps to know that when it came to your last hour, you were with someone so dear and caring. I will always love you.

From a cousin,
Barbara Ann Conner Pearce
125 Railroad Street, Glen Campbell, Pa. L5742

16 Jan 2007

To my brother Butch
You are forever in my heart
I miss you every day.
I know you kept watch over James as he served his 2 tours in Iraq.

You brought him back home to me so that I would not have to know the heartache that mom went thru and now you and mom will keep watch over all of us.

Love your little sis,

Ayn Powell

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