Richard Ralph Kucera

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
28 March 1947 - 07 December 1967
Lewistown, Montana
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Richard Kucera
Photo courtesy of "Sam" Miller

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31 Jan 2002

Although time passes and friends pass
our spirits will never pass.

From a friend,
Michael Claus
P O Box 6976, Great Falls , Mt 59406
28 March 2002

I want you to know that there is never a day that goes by that I do not think about you. Today is your birthday and if you were still alive, you would be 55 years old today. Thank you for giving your life for our country. Thank you for being the gentle giant that you were so many years ago. Thank you for being the wonderful friend that you were to me so many years ago. Thank you for being you, Richard, and thank you for blessing so many people in the short time that you were on this earth. Your memory will be with me forever. I love you and I miss you very much.

Hugs, Sam

December 7, 2005

My dear precious Richard. It was on this day 38 years ago today that you were taken away from me. So many years ago, yet it just seems like yesterday. You will always have a place in my heart. I miss you so very much. The Lewistown News Argus had a special edition on Veterans Day that listed all the local military people. I saw your name and picture in there and I was surprised to see this picture that I had put on this Virtual Wall of you in the newspaper article. I wonder if they copied off the Virtual Wall or if someone else has this same picture. Because of this Virtual Wall, I have been in touch with several of your old Marine Buddies. That makes me feel closer to you. I love you.

December 7, 2006

Dear Richard,

Today is the 39th year since you left this world and made it a sadder place to be. I miss you so very much. I always think about you on this day and know that you are in a better place.

I love you.

29 Mar 2007

My dear precious Richard. Today is your birthday and you would have been sixty. I miss you so very much and I want to share this poem with you, written by a fellow Vietnam vet.

My love always,
Ms. Sam


I stand before the Wall with a tear running down my face,
          it reflects the sorrow and pain of the heart.

As another tear rolls down my cheek it reflects the cold hard
          glare of black stone whose face has a chiseled look.

With the falling of another tear you can see the boyish fun
          of old friends who are no more.

As I fight to hold back the tears their gentle hands reach out
          to my heart saying we are here for you.

With their touch my tears say I'm sorry that I came home
          and that you stayed behind.

As the tears flow I know that the boy I was then is no longer
          for only a man can cry for lost friends.

For I cry a tear for those who gave their all.

By Guy Jones
Vietnam Vet Nov 68 - Oct 69

07 Dec 2007

Dear Richard,

It is just me again writing to let you know how very much I miss you. It always seems to help me get through this day if I write you a message. When I was in Lewistown, Montana in September, I took some flowers to your grave and cried my heart out. Tears stream down my face as I write this. How can it be so many years since you left this world and I still miss you this much? I love you. Hugs, Ms. Sam

From a friend,
Ms. Sam (Margaret) Miller
02 Jan 2008

I was Richard's squad leader and I have his picture right in front of me now. I remember him as a well disciplined Marine who was always ready to go and get the job done. He had so much energy and drive and I could always depend on him. He was quiet at first when he was assigned to my squad but became a good close friend to us all later. His death bothered me a lot when I first heard about it.

I left Vietnam on my back in a jet medevac plane after receiving multiple shrapnel wounds from a mortar explosion on July 6, 1967. I still feel the pain to this day and am always reminded of Vietnam.

We were always in dangerous situations so the reality of not making it back was always with us all. We just didn't kink about it.

Richard, I bid you farewell and I love you like a brother. I guess I was meant to live and you to die but I will join you in the future and we'll be happy together again.

Semper Fi,
SSgt Fred Hellmann (Retired)

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend,
Michael Claus
P O Box 6976, Great Falls , Mt 59406

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