Vernon Harvic Lackey

Private First Class, Army of the United States


From Phoenix, Arizona

02 April 1948 - 15 February 1968

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Vernon Harvic Lackey is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 39E Line 046.

31 Mar 2008

He was known as "Bud" to his family and friends. He wanted to be a doctor but joined the Army instead and became a medic. He thought he could make a difference and really tried. He was a wonderful guitar player and would sit for hours playing with his friends. He was raised on a ranch with all of the ranch life involved. As an older brother he was funny, kind, patient, loving, loyal, and extremely intelligent. At his funeral numerous people came and spoke with the family. The older people said that he would come to visit just to visit. It shouldn't have been such a surprise but it was. He was very kind to the elderly and everyone else, we just didn't know how kind until they told us the stories of his visits with them. He was loved by so many people and his heart was as big as the world. Picked up stray dogs and brought them all home. Now when the family gets together we play "Remember When". Almost all of it results in hours of laughter. Bud, you are truly missed, even after 40 years.

The official information is that he was from Phoenx. He was living in the Globe, Arizona area at the time he joined and was killed in action and had lived for many years in the Florence, Arizona area prior to that.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Frances "Pete" Smith

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