Michael John Lally

Private First Class
Army of the United States
22 July 1949 - 08 May 1970
Red Wing, Minnesota
Panel 11W Line 132


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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12 Dec 2005

Michael was a good friend and an exceptional person in all respects. He was very willing to do his share for our country. He had a girl friend who wrote him regularly and he spoke of her often - they were to marry on his return home from Vietnam.

We trained together at Fort Jackson S.C., both in Basic training and AIT. Michael knew we were Vietnam-bound as did I. Early in our AIT training, we opted to double up our weapons training and communications, going with other Companies during our off time, trying to ensure we knew all there was to know about our personal equipment and its use. We scored high in every training exercise, we were 2nd and 3rd in rifle range in our Battalion. With deployment about a week away, one night Michael said he had this terrible feeling that if he went to Vietnam he would not be coming back. I shook it off as nerves and said how well we were trained, nothing would happen to us, but he couldn't shake the feeling. It was the first and last time he mentioned it, but it stayed with me, right up to the time we were separated in Vietnam. I went to A Company, jungle duty. He went to B Company, which was assigned to a firebase, which made me feel better thinking he would be more protected there. We wrote only once between March and April 1970, my second letter was never answered. I found out he was killed while defending his night bunker position, which was attacked by VC armed with RPG's.

Michael was a patriotic soldier who gave his life for his country, and as good a friend as anyone could want. I will never forget him, he is missed and always will be.

Hank James Krauter

02 Feb 2006

New information has been sent to me concerning Michael's death and details of what happened on 8 May 1970.

The attacking force consisted of a squad of Viet Cong and 3 sappers penetrating the perimeter, with small arms and B40 rocket fire, also carrying 25 pound shaped charges, grenades, and AK47's. They attacked through two positions with no cuts to the wire. There were three US soldiers wounded from shrapnel wounds, one US soldier killed, which was Mike J. Lally (he died from shrapnel wounds received from a B40 rocket), one Popular Force soldier killed, five Popular Force soldiers wounded, and two VC killed. The attack began at 0013 and ended at 0400. This information is from the declassified S2/S3 journals of Bravo Company for 8 May 1970. There was no other US soldier killed in the action other then Michael J. Lally during that attack.

From a friend,
Henry James Krauter
2542 S W Calder Street, Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34953

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