Cecil Dwight Lamm

United States Marine Corps
05 February 1947 - 26 November 1967
Lucama, North Carolina
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Purple Heart (2 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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29 Jan 2006

February 5, 2006
Birthday at Camp Heaven.
Cpl C. D. Lamm.


From a Marine brother - Parris Island, Camp Geiger, Iceland, and Vietnam,
T. J. Mundy
1707 Cross Bay Blvd, Broad Channel, NY 11693-1227

11 Nov 2006

Hello, Marine. Veterans' Day, November 11, 2006. Thinking of you and your family on this special day. The dedication of the new Marine Corps Museum is this weekend. There is a brick in your memory on the path from the main building to a memorial garden. You are not forgotten, buddy. I'll be going down to visit the museum soon. Maybe I can get there on the 26th. A friend and his wife may be able to stop by this week at the site since he will be going down to Williamsburg on I-95. He knows all about you as do all who know me. Your name is brought up frequently.

From a friend,
T. J. Mundy

The photo at the top was taken in November 1966 at Marine Barracks, Keflavik, Iceland.

February 5, 2007

Hello, buddy ... REMEMBERING YOUR BIRTHDATE. You would have been 60 years old today. I'm thinking of you and your family. Till we meet again! Your friend, "Mundy"

25 Nov 2007

Thinking of you and your family. It has been 40 years - 26 Nov 1967 to 26 Nov 2007 - since you gave your life for this country. To anyone who may read this Dwight's mother passed away last March. I had been in touch with her throughout the 70s and 80s, visiting and writing her whenever I could. I lost touch in the 90s right up till March 2007, when Dwight's cousin came upon this web site. The rest is history. He put me in touch with Dwight's sister who told me Mother would be passing soon. A few days later I was talking to her for her birthday and making plans to get down to N.C. from here in N.Y. I just booked a flight for the following Saturday [on Friday night] as I called Dwight's sister to tell her "I'll be seeing you tomorrow". She informed me that Mother had just passed away. I went down as planned but now for a different reason. Even though I did not get to see her before she died, as sad as that may be, I got to meet the whole family and what a family they are. I had never met any of them before this weekend, just Mother. Yes, we cried and we laughed and we talked about Dwight and Mother. Bill, Dwight's cousin [what a guy], drove me to where the house was that my wife, kids and I would visit Dwight's mom , and also to the town where Dwight grew up. So if you dropped by this site and just finished reading this, please take a short time out and say a little prayer for Mother, Dwight and this great new family of mine! "Mundy"

Tom Mundy
1707 Cross Bay Blvd, Broad Channel, New York

11 Nov 2006

Dwight was a fellow student at Lucama High School which I attended from 1st to half of 4th grade. The years were '53 to '56 or '57. Our teacher in the 1st grade was Miss Alberta Bass - although she was married we all called her Miss Alberta. I remember Dwight as a sweet curly haired blond fellow student. I guess it would be appropriate to say I think I had a little crush on him then. I found out about his death probably through the Wilson Daily Times which followed the events of the GIs from Wilson County. I wish to express to the family that he did not die in vain. There were lots of people who cared for him then and now.

I have tried to resurrect the class of '53 and bring back some of the memories of those years.

From a fellow student at Lucama High School '53,
Joyce Johnson Phillips Bliss

21 Jun 2007

Hello, dear brother,

I know you are in heaven and have spent many years with Mama and Grandaddy and my baby daughter. Hope you got to hold her.

Recently Edward and Mother have joined you. I know you all are having a wonderful reunion and the sights you are seeing are all the things the Bible tells us.

Hope you are having some wonderful conversations with Jesus. One day I will be there with all of you and we will have a heavenly time together.

I have met Mundy. He is such a great person. You would be so proud of him.

You would also be proud of your cousin Billy Davis who did so much for us when Mother passed away.

He picked Mundy up at the airport and took him around. He even took him to the cemetery to visit your grave site which he has done many times in the past with Mother.

Now your Squad leader, Bill Brown, wants to contact us to let us know how special you were, but I already know that.

I love and miss you, brother, and after 40 years people are still remembering and talking about you.

Please kiss all my loved ones who have gone on before and tell them I love them and will see them when the Lord calls me home.

Your loving sister

Cecile Lamm Lucas

14 Nov 2007

Hello Mr. Lamm. My name is Eric Mundy. I'm positive you know the last name and I am pretty sure you know me because you were looking down from heaven years ago when I was just a small lad who had the honor of meeting your mom in North Carolina. It's been a long time since then but I have never forgotten what men like you and all of our other veterans did for this great country of ours. I am especially reminded on and around Veterans' Day. My Dad always talks about you, and his stories are often the highlight of my day. So rest in peace knowing that your honor will always be upheld for generations to come.

Your Marine Brother's Son,
FF Eric Mundy, FDNY, Engine 234
186 B132 Street Apt 2, Belle Harbor, N Y 11694

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Lima Company, 3/7 Marines, had three men killed in an engagement on 26 Nov 1967:
  • Cpl Gerald R. Hendrickson, Muskegon, MI;
  • Cpl Arthur W. Riegel, Woodside, NY; and
  • Pfc Wesley D. Day, Grand Rapids, MI (Silver Star).
Corporal Lamm died of wounds that day, but it isn't certain that he was wounded in the same engagement that cost the lives of the other three Marines or in an earlier engagement.

October 1967
Courtesy William Davis

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