Karl Ferdinand Lange
Lieutenant Colonel
Army of the United States
West Allis, Wisconsin
November 27, 1929 to December 09, 1969
KARL F LANGE is on the Wall at Panel W15, Line 42

Karl F Lange
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In addition to the medals shown above,
LTC Lange was awarded a Legion of Merit,
and two more Bronze Stars.

Legion of Merir

On 09 Dec 1969 a UH-1H (tail number 68-16220) of A Company, 123rd Aviation Battalion, was flying a routine shuttle mission for the 23rd Division (AMERICAL) Support Command. The aircraft departed the Americal Division headquarters helipad about 0730 and proceeded to Minh Long. At Minh Long, all passengers debarked and three passengers were boarded. The aircraft departed Minh Long enroute to Ba To with a crew of four and three passengers. Although a light rain was falling, the flight crew believed they could reach Ba To under visual flight conditions by remaining in a valley.

However, as the copilot climbed to pass over a saddle at grid coordinates BS507468 they entered clouds. The pilot took control of the aircraft, began a 500-feet-per-minute climb, and began a left turn to an easterly heading. As the aircraft approached a 090 degree heading, still in the clouds, a mountainside was seen through the chin bubble. The pilot attempted an emergency climb but wasn't able to crest the hill. The aircraft hit skids-first and broke up, with the cabin section travelling some 140 feet before coming to a halt and burning. The pilot survived with injuries, but the other six men were killed in the crash:

LTC Karl F. Lange is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was survived by his wife, Virginia B Lange, one daughter and one son, Silver Springs Maryland as well as his parents, Mr and Mrs Fred W. Lange, West Allis Wisconsin.

Karl F Lange

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